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DigitalSuite Release Notes

Preview versions

Access to the DigitalSuite modules

You are able to only access the 3 DigitalSuite modules from the Advanced IDE and from User Management application:
- Account Configuration from Advanced IDE - Account / Configuration
- Role Management from Advanced IDE - Toolbox / Organization
- User Management from Advanced IDE - Account / User module or User Management application

A link is provided within these existing module to access the Digital Suite modules.

v0.4.0 (December 20th, 2017)


Item Enhancements Link
User Management New module fully iso-functional with the Account / User module in the Advanced IDE.
N.B: NOT fully Iso-functional with the User Management application: Import and full export of users will be released in the coming months
User Management
In preview version, please access the DigitalSuite modules throught existing modules (Advanced IDE / User Management)

Bug Fixes

Module Situation Symptom
Role Management In the role list view, set the mouse pointer on a sorting column The tooltip displayed "undefined"
Select a role and search for members in TEST mode The search did not applied
Select a role and search for members and remove the search The search still applied even if search is empty

Alpha versions

v0.3.0 (September 8th, 2017)


Item Enhancements Link
Role Management Migration of all the current available IDE functionality of both the Toolbox/Role&Entities and Toolbox/Organization modules Role Management
New features:
- Organizations and roles are displayed as a tree view;
- The Role and Entity notions are now merged into Role only;
- Role types are clearly identified as Static, Dynamic, Runtime, Scripted;
- A Role can accept any role type as children;
- Key management is available: Enter, Up & Down keys, Shift, Ctrl...;
- Additional shortcut keys: Ctrl + R (Open Menu);
Account Configuration Review of all look & feel Account Configuration
License data have been added in overview tab

v0.2.1 (May 10th, 2017)


Item Enhancements
Support The build number is now displayed after the "© RunMyProcess 2017" tag
New feature to share any resources:
-By Email
-Copy link to the clipboard
-Open RSS flow in new tab
User experience Lazy loading has been implemented to list the resources that support paging
Project name is displayed for every resource selector (Web interfaces, Images...)
Online documentation New button to expand documentation beyond 3 lines
Translation Labels will be displayed in English if labels have not been translated in fr, es or jp (English is the default language)

Bug Fixes

Module Situation Symptom
Account Configuration Create a list item of user metadata or user preferences without linking it to a Custom list The user metadata or user preferences could be saved without throwing an error
Set a session timeout below the minimum required (600 seconds) in the "Account" tab The configuration could be saved even if the minimum required was not reach

v0.2.0 (April 11th, 2017)


Module Enhancements Link
Account Configuration Auto-provisioning is configurable in LIVE mode for SAML V2 authentication method (A default domain name is therefore required) Account Configuration
SAML V2 just-in-time provisioning is managed through Composite API trigger

Bug Fixes

Module Situation Symptom
Account Configuration A session timeout has never been set The session timeout value is empty instead of the default one (3600 seconds)

v0.1.0 (March 29th, 2017)


Module Enhancements Link
Account Configuration Migration of all the current IDE functionalities of the Account/Configuration module Account Configuration
New features:
- One page content;
- Mini-map on the left to ease the understanding and navigation on each page;
- Integrated documentation;
- Top bar notification to inform our Customers of important information: Platform maintenance, new functionalities, upcoming deprecation...;
- Shortcut keys: Ctrl + S (Save) | Ctrl + L (Show latest server communication) | Esc (Close popup based views);
- Bottom bar notification for server communications;
- Language available (Based on "IDE language setting") : English / French / Spanish / Japanese;
- Browser supported and tested.

Known limitations

Item Details
General - The documentation toggle (on/off) is not saved within the user profile;
- Logout may failed;
Account tab - Only the 50 image files are displayed;
- Can not search / sort on the updated date or size of image files;
Domains tab - Headers are not fixed;
- Action bar is not consistent;
Authentication & Homepage tab - Web Interface list do not display last update date & project name column;
- Could not search for Web Interfaces;
User Metadata & User Preferences tab - Headers are not fixed;
- Action bar is not consistent;
- When creating a new entry, the new entry is not in focus.