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5.x Release

Release naming convention

We have changed our release naming convention using the standard X.Y.Z notation where:
- X: Major changes
- Y: Enhancements & Bug fixes
- Z: Hotfixes & Patches

5.14.0 (May 10th, 2017)


Component Enhancements Link
Organization & Roles New "Share" option for static, scripted & everybody roles to allow them to be assigned through Easy Builder Organization & Roles
Easy Builder
Process Definitions of measures (called "values" in the IDE) can now accept up to 4096 characters instead of 255 Process Measures Tab
Execution limits
A single process now supports 200 measures instead of 50 (The limit of 10Mb data size per process remains)
Email triggered process now support "reply-to" variable mapping Process start event
Collection When importing & exporting Collections, an option to compress them in ZIP format has been added (set by default) Project Collection Tab
Connector library New "Reassign task" Connector for RunMyProcess provider

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Login An unconnected user accesses a RunMyProcess resource (HTTP GET Verb) on an account without a custom login page The Web browser native login prompt was displayed instead of redirecting the user to portal.runmyprocess.com
Basket List tasks & requests of the basket The basket was not always up to date
Report Group on a measure with a value containing special characters (& _ ...) Grouping on this value was empty
User Management Save a user with metadata based on custom lists Metadata were not saved
IDE Add a button in a Web interface with an empty label Button was not visible

5.13.0 (April 11th, 2017)


Component Enhancements Link
Freemarker New FreeMarker method to generate RSA signatures R_rsa_hash function

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
File upload Play a previously uploaded video file (source of HTML 5 <video> tag) The video did not play due to an HTTP 500 Internal error thrown by the server