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5.x Release

Release naming convention

We have changed our release naming convention to the standard X.Y.Z notation where:
- X: Major changes
- Y: Enhancements & Bug fixes
- Z: Hotfixes & Patches

5.16.0 (October 12th, 2017)


Component Enhancements Link
Project To avoid inconsistencies in project versions, it is now forbidden to detach or delete a resource that is included in at least one version of a project.
Organization & Role The number of descendants is now limited to 3. Roles
Report widget The height in the report widget property ("Table height" property) can now be left empty, the height will be adjusted to the number of elements displayed.
Delegation "on behalf of" now appears in the column user of the History Widget if the action was performed by the a delegator for a delegatee (delegator "on behalf of" delegatee).
Application Translator Adding "Nederlands, Vlaams" Language - ISO Code: nl
FreeMarker Extend the lock and unlock Freemarker function to work in any execution context, not limited to input or ouput task variables. lock

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Report Widget Filter on a date column where 'Date Filter' is set in the report settings.
For existing Web interfaces, this requires an engine upgrade to version v_5_16_0.
The selected date did not take into account the user's time zone.
Set the height in the report widget property ("Table height" property). The height was not taken into account when rendering the Web Interface.
Filter on the screen column on a Web Interface report. A HTTP 500 error message was fired.
Search on an autocomplete column containing at least one space within a Collection Report. The search never retreived any matches.
Custom Widget Create a validation rule on any of the widgets within the Custom Widget using [[RMP_this.variable.myVar]]
For existing Web interfaces, this requires an engine upgrade to version v_5_16_0.
The validation rule did not work.
Array Widget Submit a form containing an Array Widget with an Uploaded File Widget as a column type. Uploaded files columns disappeared for subsequent Manual tasks.
Collection Import data into a collection with index(es) with the option to "Overwrite content" checked. The index(es) were removed.
Date Widget Set the date widget property 'First day of the week' to Sunday. Friday and Saturday were coloured grey to highlight the weekend instead of Saturday/Sunday.
Web Interface An anonymous user validated a public manual Task. The completed task could not be opened anymore (Unauthorized error).
IDE In the Process Modeler, uncheck the "Retry on timeout" option of a Connector Task. The server always retries on timeout, maximum 3 times.

5.15.0 (June 29th, 2017)


Component Enhancements Link
Delegation All the delegated tasks are now delegated. Previously, delegation was available only in certain situations:
- Direct assignation to a specific user
- Runtime or static lane containing only one user
It is now possible to create multiple global delegations or multiple delegations on the same project (with the same or different representatives), provided that the time periods do not overlap
The representative inherits the delegator's access rights at project level (apart for Process instances). The P_user remains the user that completes the actions (in our case, the representative) and a new variable "P_user.delegators" will be filled with all the possible delegators for that representative
Delegations are automatically activated by the server:
- Delegations starting in the past or now are automatically activated after creation.
- Delegations starting in the future are pending after creation and will be automatically activated by the server on the start date
If the delegator is a deactivated user, the process will keep running - the representative will have the same rights as the deactivated user
New option "do not delegate" for Email & Push notification tasks (Unchecked by default).
If the "do not delegate" option is unchecked, emails and push notifications will be received by the representative as well as the delegator.
It is necessary to uncheck the "Do not delegate" option for existing processes
Email / Notification task
User Management & My settings Delegations are now automatically activated by the server therefore it is no longer necessary or possible to activate them manually User Management
My Settings
Collection New functions to create, list and delete collection indexes
By default, 5 indexes maximum per collection are allowed
Web interface Report The "Assign to" filter now supports any user or list of users
Report Widget New option "Allow users to select rows" with values "All" (By default), "Only one" or "None" for managing row selection behaviour Report Widget
New event "On row select / deselect" triggered for each row selected /deselected
New JS function "RMP_Report.getLatestSelectedLineValues()" to retreive the latest selected row RMP_Report
The JS function "RMP_Report.add(Measure)Filter" is now available even if the user filter is on
For existing Web interfaces, this requires an engine upgrade to version v_5_15_0
Freemarker New encoding format supported (BASE64, BASE64URL, URL) for the R_encode function. R_encode replaces the encode function that will remain as it is R_encode
Internal Parameters A new internal parameter ${P_urls} provides the URLs of the current platform (domain, host, live, portal) Internal Parameters
Static & Everybody role Static & Everybody roles can now be deleted without having to remove every users
Scripted role Scripted roles can now be deleted without having to remove the script
Versioned files Freemarker functions to read the content of uploaded files works now for versioned files. R_file_content

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Uploaded file Send an email with a file attachment to trigger a process The type of the file was not correctly defined (Ex: Pdf files were detected as "application/octet-stream" instead of "application/pdf")
Upload a file with a name containing the special character (Ex: `%`) The upload failed
Mobile Open RunMyProcess authentication page (portal.runmyprocess.com) on your mobile The display was not suitable for mobile resolution
IDE Create a new user with his metadata The metadata were not setted
Delegation Create a delegation within the period of an existing delegation The delegation was created (Only one delegation by period is allowed)
Users Management & My Settings Create a delegation with a start time at 00:00:00 In the "Current delegation" table, the start time was displayed with +7 hours
Widget Array Add multiple lines that contains a user picker widget from the "+" of the first line The user picker has the same id on every lines
Scripted lane Set a variable (Ex: <#assign myVar = "myValue">) and use that variable in a script (Ex: ${P_user.extended.myMetadata == myVar}) The script was valid but did not return any users
Use more than two built-ins in a script The script was invalid
Web Interface Open the picker of a Date widget in a Chrome Web browser version upper than 61.0.3163.91 The position of the date picker can, under certain conditions, be moved away from its expected position.

5.14.0 (May 10th, 2017)


Component Enhancements Link
Organization & Roles New "Share" option for static, scripted & everybody roles to allow them to be assigned through Easy Builder Organization & Roles
Easy Builder
Process Definitions of measures (called "values" in the IDE) can now accept up to 4096 characters instead of 255 Process Measures Tab
Execution limits
A single process now supports 200 measures instead of 50 (The limit of 10Mb data size per process remains)
Email triggered process now supports "reply-to" variable mapping Process start event
Collection When importing & exporting Collections, an option to compress them in ZIP format has been added (set by default) Project Collection Tab
Connector library New "Reassign task" Connector for RunMyProcess provider

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Login An unconnected user accesses a RunMyProcess resource (HTTP GET Verb) on an account without a custom login page The Web browser native login prompt was displayed instead of redirecting the user to portal.runmyprocess.com
Basket List tasks & requests of the basket The basket was not always up to date
Report Group on a measure with a value containing special characters (& _ ...) Grouping on this value was empty
User Management Save a user with metadata based on custom lists Metadata were not saved
IDE Add a button in a Web interface with an empty label Button was not visible

5.13.0 (April 11th, 2017)


Component Enhancements Link
Freemarker New FreeMarker method to generate RSA signatures R_rsa_hash function

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
File upload Play a previously uploaded video file (source of HTML 5 <video> tag) The video did not play due to an HTTP 500 Internal error thrown by the server