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The Secure Enterprise Connector (SEC) is a technology used to access on premise services. This is basically a secured tunnel between the RunMyProcess platform and your local network. The SEC is comprised of 3 sections: the Data Connector Agent, The Procol Manager and the different Adapters.

Schema SEC

1 The Data Connector Agent

For this tunnel to work, an agent (named Data Connector agent) needs to be up and running in your local network. This agent has been originally developed by Google and is now maintained by Fujitsu RunMyProcess. It establishes a secure(TLS) tunnel between RunMyProcess and your local system.

The Data Conector Agent can be used to call HTTP Requests or send information to the Protocol Manager.

2 The Protocol Manager

The Protocol Manager is used to recieve data from the Agent, process the information and call the appropiate Adapter. To install, configure and test the Protocol Manager please follow these instructions.

3 The Adapter

An Adapter is a java package that connects to the Protocol Manager to be able to connect to different resources (JDBC, SAP, FTP, etc.). You can download the available adapters in RunMyProcess and configure it, or build your own.

The Adapter Handler is part of any Adapter and is responsable establishing and mantaining a healthy connection with the Protocol Manager.

4 Instaling and Configuring the SEC

Now that you know what the Secure Enterprise conection is, you can follow the installation guide and start connecting your local resources to RunMyProcess!