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Tech' Tuesdays

Please find below links to Tech' Tuesday sessions.

These videos provide very useful technical details on common RunMyProcess Features and Best Practices.

Cloud to On-Premise integration

Watch 2012-11-27 Tech'Tuesday Cloud to On-Premise integration // RunMyProcess

Real time configuration of

  • RunMyProcess Database Connector
  • Secure Enterprise Connector
  • Dynamic list in Webinterface, populated from local MySQL DB

Scenario :
Behind the firewall of my company, we have a local MySQL DB, containing a table 'customers'. We'd like to create a Webinterface on RunMyProcess, with a list automatically populated with values from this local DB.

Setup Cloud DataBase : RunMyProcess collections

Watch 2012-12-04 Tech'Tuesday Setup Cloud Database: RunMyProcess Collections

RunMyProcess Collection:

  • DB architecture / MongoDB
  • Test/Live environment
  • JS methods / Freemarker functions / REST APIs


  • Back Office
  • Widget Lookup / Selector
  • Widget Autocomplete

Enhance your End Users Experience

Watch 2012-12-11 Tech'Tuesday Enhance your End Users Experience // RunMyProcess

Best practices and tips to:

  • organize the content of your webinterfaces
  • update html and css for a better rendering
  • set a nice email template
  • enhance user navigation with a menu bar and redirection links
  • configure a nice dashboard with charts and reports
  • enhance user exp on mobile devices

Improve Apps performance: Asynchronous loading capabilities

Watch 2012-12-18 Tech'Tuesday Improve Apps performance: RunMyProcess Asynchronous loading capabilities

Asynchronous loading capabilities

  • JS & collections: Load list from collection 00h01m55
  • JS & RMP apis: Load charts from RMP reports data 00h16m18
  • Process Listeners (PL) : Load list from Google Spreadsheet 00h34m28
  • Conditional loading with custom widgets: Sections 00h53m57 & Tabs 01h01m47

Integration with Google Spreadsheet

Watch 2013-03-19 Tech Tuesdays - Google Spreadsheet Integration

How to integrate RunMyProcess with Google Spreadsheet:

  • authenticating
  • retrieving spreadsheet id / worksheet id
  • retrieving / adding / updating rows & cells
  • retrieving rows matching criteria
  • why you should use RunMyProcess collections instead