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This screen allows you to add, view and/or manage users, if you have an Administrator profile.

A user may belongs to one or more roles/entities in an organization. Click on the user name to display which roles the user belongs to.

A user eventually has the right to use one or more application(s) on the RunMyProcess platform according to project access rights.

A user may participate to one or more process on the RunMyProcess platform.

The screen first displays a list of users. You can sort this list by clicking on one of theses fields : Name, E-mail, Created on and Status. If you click a second time on the same column, the sorting order will be inversed:

users list headers

You can also filter the list, by Name or by E-mail, by clicking in the filter icon of the column header:

users list filter

To cancel sorting and/or filtering, use the arrow refresh icon on the bottom of the screen.

The list is paginated, so that if you want to get more users listed use the next page icon, if you want to get back to the previous entries, use the previous page icon.

If you want to read/edit details about a user, click on his name, and then you will access the user details panel :

user details panel

Name of the user.

Id of the user.

E-mail address of the user: his login to access the RunMyProcess platform.

A user's status can have one out of three different values :

Status Icon Description
Active active The user can access the RunMyProcess platform
Pending pending The user has been created, but never accessed the application. A pending user should connect and change his default password and accept the licence agreement
Inactive inactive The user has been inactivated. He can't access RunMyProcess anymore

Send account creation e-mail to me (only on user creation)
Check this box if you want to receive temporary password of a new user. Otherwise your new user will receive an email with his temporary password: his RunMyProcess login will be his email address

Automatically activate this user
Check this box if you are using 'Google OpenID' or 'Single Sign On' authentication method to connect to our platform. Indeed, no password will be generated and sent to your new user.

Receive administration's messages (only for administrators)
Check this box if you want to be alerted by e-mail about RunMyProcess maintenance operations.

An administrator can decide to restrict information available to a user. Three restrictions are available :

Restriction Effect
Do not access the IDE The user will not be able to access the RunMyProcess IDE. He will not be able to design process or web interfaces
Do not view other users The user will not be able to access the users list. This is not limited to users list displayed in the IDE : this user will not be able to retrieve any user lists in a web interface (Users of lane list for example)
Do not view metadata This user will not be able to access his metadata, either in the IDE or in any web interface

A user's profile can have one of two different values :

Profile Description
Administrator An adminstrator can access every resources on the platform (even project's resources where he has no access right)
User A user can only access project's resources on which he has access right. He access to the 'Account' menu is limited

IDE Language
Language used by the IDE application. Available languages are : English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese.

Language used inside the user's applications. This setting is used when a user open a web interface of an application. If this application is localized and the selected language is handled, then it will be used.

Billing status
A user's billing status can have one of two different values :

Billing status Description
OK The user can use the platform
Overdue The user can't perform any action on the platform since his license has expired

Reset a user password
To reset a user's password, click on key icon. An email with his new temporary password will be sent to him.

Inactivate/delete a user
To make a user inactive, click on trash4 icon. To delete an inactivated user, click once more on trash4 icon. This operation can not be undone.

info When a user is deleted, all processes that he has launched won't be accessible anymore so we advise you to only deactivate a user

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