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  5. User Management
        1. Composite API Design Tab
        2. Composite API Configuration Tab
        1. Providers
        2. Connectors
        3. Processes
        1. Roles entities
        2. Organization
      1. Collections
        1. Project Files Tab
        2. Project Definition Tab
        3. Project Versioned Files Tab
        4. Project Version Tab
        5. Project Description Tab
        6. Version
        7. Project Rights Tab
        8. Project Collection Tab
        1. Web Interface JS Tab
        2. Web Interface Design Tab
          1. Image Widget
          2. FileUpload Widget
          3. StaticText Widget
          4. ProgressBar Widget
          5. TextInput Widget
          6. JavaScript Widget
          7. Section Widget
          8. Geolocation Widget
          9. Checkbox Widget
          10. RadioButton Widget
          11. Tree Widget
          12. Spinner Widget
          13. History Widget
          14. URLInput Widget
          15. Tab Widget
          16. List Widget
          17. Array Widget
          18. HTML Editor Widget
          19. Report Widget
          20. Button Widget
          21. Custom Widget
          22. Captcha Widget
          23. HTML Widget
          24. Multi Checkbox Widget
        3. Web Interface Analytics Tab
        4. Web Interface Collection Tab
        5. Web Interface Implementation Tab
        6. Web Interface API Tab
        7. Web Interface Stylesheet Tab
      2. Revision
      3. Custom Lists
        1. Process Variables Tab
        2. Process Measures Tab
            1. Process Timer Event
            2. Process Start Event
            3. Process Intermediary Event
          1. Gate
            1. Process Task Loop Tab
            2. Process Task Manual Tab
            3. Process Task Email Tab
            4. Process Task Connector Tab
            5. Process Task SubProcess Tab
            6. Process Task Functional Tab
            7. Process Task Script Tab
          2. Process Step Output Variables
          3. Process Step Testing Variables
          4. Process Step Input Variables
        3. Process General Tab
        4. Process Design
        5. Process Input Tab
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    1. Customer Management
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      2. Configuration
      3. Usage
      1. Web Interface Reports
        1. Measuring
        2. Runtime Users
        3. Execution Path
        4. Parameters
    1. RunMyApp for Android
    2. RunMyApp for iOS
    3. RunMyApp for Windows
  6. My Settings
  7. App Translator


Displays general information on your projects, processes and web interfaces.

You will find the following icons throughout the application:

RSS news feed
rss news feed Click this icon to subscribe to the RSS news feed on this particular object.

info You must use a news feed reader that can handle HTTPS authentication: Netvibes or Feedreader for instance.

refresh Click this icon to refresh the page, as you must not use the browser 'refresh' or 'back' function which will bring you back to the login screen.

User Guide
user guide Click this icon to go to user guide page.

support Click this icon to write an email to RunMyProcess about a technical query: it will be posted in our forum.

My Settings
my settings Click this icon to display your user account informations :

  • User Settings Tab : allows you to edit your name, your language and your preferences, to modify your password and to displays your profile and metadata
  • Roles and entities Tab : displays roles and entities you belong to
  • External applications authorized accesses Tab : displays list of external applications that are authorized to access your RunMyProcess data (thanks to oauth authentication : Google gadget for instance). Click on "rubish" icon to delete an access.
  • Suppport authorizations Tab : alllows you to authorize RunMyProcess support to access your account on your behalf (cf. following procedure)

Close all tabs
close all tabs Click this icon to close all tabs.

Logout Click this icon to safely logout from the application.

Country flag
Click this icon to change RunMyProcess interface language