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My Tasks

Allows a user to follow his tasks (his personal tasks and the tasks attached to the role he belongs to.)

info To allow a user to follow/perform his task in a web interface, we usually create a Web interface report embedded in a Web interface thanks to widget report.

This is the list of tasks you have been requested to do during a process execution, whether you are the process launcher or not. For each task, you can either:

  • Fill and close it by opening the appropriate form (click the Title of the task)
  • View the process this task belongs to (icon gear icon gear)
  • Delete task(s) (generate by process in test state only) by clicking on the line of the task(s) (multi selection with shift key is available) and then on the "rubish" icon on the top right of the screen : the corresponding process remains unchanged (orange icon : waiting status)
  • Transfer a task to another user with the same role (or modify its due date or its priority) : click icon icon pencil then click icon icon typing to modify the task attributes (User In charge, Description, Priority or Due date) and click on the Save icon

The first tab shows the tasks that have been assigned directly to you (as a user). The other tabs show all the roles/entities you belong to and the tasks attached to these roles/entities (see Toolbox / Organization).

info You can select the state of the task (Test or Live) to filter the tasks that have been created by process in Test state or in Live state.

You can check 'See all To-Dos' box to see all To-Dos even 'closed' ones.

Number of open tasks in live mode is displayed in tab name

URL of our Task Google Gadget is : http://gadget.runmyprocess.com/649bb310-7c2c-4b11-86e2-a0d0e4bf16eb/list/todo.xml. You can add it to your Google page or your Gsite or you Gmail page thanks to Lab Feature.

URL of our Activity Google Gadget is :http://gadget.runmyprocess.com/649bb310-7c2c-4b11-86e2-a0d0e4bf16eb/list/activity.xml. It displays applications you have launched, manual tasks assigned to you (as a person and not in a group) and manual tasks performed.