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Process Start Event

Allows you to configure the different ways to launch a process.


Name of the task.

Unique ID of the task. The ID is generated and cannot be modified.

Event type

Trigger to launch the process

  • None: the process can only be launched through a POST request (ie a web service call) or a RunMyProcess web interface.
  • Message: the process can also be launched through an email.
  • Timer: the process can be scheduled to launch itself automatically at a predefined frequency.

info The period of a timer can be set up to a year (365 days)

info A process can only be launched with Timer when it is used in a project's version in Live state.

Redirect to
Allows you to choose a web interface or an HTML file that will be sent as a result when process has started successfully.

info A process can now be started thanks to basic HTML form submit (if process is public) : all parameters sent will be available as initial parameters of your process.

Here is an example

<form name="RMP" method="POST" action="https://live.runmyprocess.com/live/${customer_id}/process/${process_id}">
<input name="IDENTIFIER" value="a" />
<input name="HASH" value="${my_hash}" />
<input name="OPERATIONTYPE" value="payment" />
<input name="CLIENTIDENT" value="${client_id}" />
<input type="submit" name="ok" value="RMP" />

Description of your task

Start process with Message

Message box address
Email address to launch the process. You can click on link to copy Live email address needed to launch the process. Format of email address is the following :


to launch process in Live state and


to launch process in Test state.

info To launch your process in Test state (it will use last saved version of process : process versionning is not available for test state), you must use test email address : process+{customerid}.{processid}.{key}.TEST@runmyprocess.com whereas if you want to launch your process in Live state (it will use project's version in Live state), you must use live email address : process+{customerid}.{processid}.{key}@runmyprocess.com

info For security reasons, the sender of the email (from) must belong to the lane of the event start except for public process

info Mailbox is pulled every 5 minutes.

Map subject to
Input variable of process (see: Process Input tab) that will contain subject (object) of the email.

Map content to
Input variable of process (see: Process Input tab) that will contain content (message) of the email.

Map cc to
Input variable of process (see: Process Input tab) that will contain email copy of the email.

Map attachment to
Input variable of process (see: Process Input tab) that will contain id of the attachment files downloaded on RunMyProcess server. If there are several attachments, variable will be an array of id.

Parsing format
If you want RunMyProcess to parse the content of your email before injecting it in "Map content to" variable, choose a content format different from default one (Text).

Use HTML format if exists
Check box if you want to have in your "Map content to" variable, HTML body of sent email.

Start process with Timer

info A process can only be launched with Timer when it is used in a project's version in Live state

Start date
Date and time to start the scheduling of the process. Click "Now" if you want the scheduling process to start now.

Repetitions number
Number of repetitions. Click "Unlimited" if you want the process scheduling to loop indefinitely.

Delay between reps
Delay between two launches of the process

info If you want to schedule a process to launch automatically every day at 11: start date=today at 11, repetitions=Unlimited and delay=1 day

info If delay is left empty, default value is 1 day

info Scheduling will be only effective when you save a version with your scheduled process and put it into production

Output variables

This tab allows you to initialize variables at the beginning of the process. For more information about output variables, read Activity: Output variables