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Project Versions Tab

A version is a subset of resources of your project (usually all resources) saved on a given date. According to version state, all resources of a version will be in test state or in live state.

info_1 You should only create a version when you want to put all resources of your project in live state (i.e. when your project is ready to go to production). By default, all resources of your project will be in test state if no version is defined.

info_2 Once a measure has been created or modified in a process, this measure will be automatically recalculated for each launched process whatever their state and whatever their version.

[New version]
Allows you to create a new version for the resources of your project.

Versions' list Tab

  • ID: identifier of version
  • Name: name of version (V0, V1...); Clicking the name opens the version details.
  • Description: description of version (V0, V1...)
  • Created on: creation date of version
  • Updated on: last saved date of version
  • Test : radio button allows you to choose that all resources of this version are in test state

info_3 In state mode, each launched process will use the test environment of the provider's connectors called by the process, each email will be sent to the user who has launched the process, each manual task will be assigned to the user who has launched the process.

  • Live: radio button allows you to choose that all resources of this version are in live state knowing that for a given project only one version can be in live state.

info_4 Your choice will be taken into account only when you save your project. * When you switch a version from test state to live state and save your project, you will be proposed two choices : * as soon as your project is saved, all running processes will continue on previous version and all new ones will use new version * as soon as your project is saved, all running process will use new version as well as previous one. This choice can be dangerous when a process design modification has been performed because of following limitation :