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Project Versioned Files Tab

This view allows you to view and manage the list of versioned files attached to a project.

A versioned file is a file that can have multiple revisions by contrast to uploaded files. A versioned file is typically aimed to host code of the application.

Typically versioned files should be in one of the following formats :

  • CSS (.css)
  • JavaScript scripts (.js)
  • Freemarker Template Library (.ftl)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Markdown (.md, .markdown)

The versioned files can be opened and updated via the code editor. Every save will create a new revision of the file. A versioned file that cannot be edited (e.g : an image) can be saved by reuploading its content.

Click the [Upload file] button, to upload a versioned file on RunMyProcess server. If you choose "Public", you won't have to be authenticated to download it or display it (required for public web interfaces with images or css files).

info_1 You can create a new versioned file without having to upload it by clicking [New file] button.

Should you need it, you can make a "Public" file "Private", and vice-versa, by clicking on its Access icon and choose the Access mode to be used.

Click on a file name to see its description (internal id, type, size, date...) and then download it on your computer by clicking on the Name of the file on the description screen.

icon link enables you to copy the file url.

icon copy enables you to copy the file id.

The content of a versioned file can be accessed using the P_versioned_file_content freemarker function

Code editor

The new code editor is a web-based developer tool that let you edit editable versioned files (css, javascript ... etc). It offers many features and optimizations that matche to native editors:

  • Search and replace
  • Syntax highlighting for over 110 languages
  • Automatic indent and outdent
  • Cut, copy, paste, undo and redo functionality
  • Automatic indent and outdent
  • Live syntax checker (currently JavaScript/CoffeeScript/CSS/XQuery)
  • Multiple cursors and selections


  1. Save the current versioned file
  2. Revert to the last revision of the versioned file
  3. Name of the versioned file
  4. Highlight all occurrences of the selected word
  5. Search a text string within the file
  6. Start the search
  7. Search forwards for the next occurrence
  8. Search backwards for the previous occurrence
  9. Replace all occurrences of the last search pattern
  10. Syntax error
  11. Syntax warning
  12. Number of lines of the versioned file
  13. The column of the current cursor position
  14. The Line of the current cursor position