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My Settings

The My Settings application gives you quick and easy access to your RunMyProcess account settings.

1 Overview

MySettings is an application that allows the logged on user to manage their own RunMyProcess account. From the application, users can set a wide range of options; from simple things such as setting their preferred language or changing their password to more complex activities such as delegating all their RunMyProcess tasks to another user for a set period of time.

The settings are divided into categories which are offered as tabs on the My Settings homepage.

2 The Homepage


The buttonbar at the top of the screen enables you to save your changes and refresh the data .

The user's account options are divided into categories which are represented by tabs on the homepage; there are tabs for Settings, Delegations, Connected Apps and Privacy, Preferences and User Metadata, Lane Membership and Support Authorizations.

2.1 Settings Tab


This page is divided into three sections: Standard Settings, Advanced Settings and Change Password.

2.1.1 Standard Settings

Here the logged on user can view the details held about themselves, including their email address and profile. There are two possible profiles, namely Administrator and User. An administrator has full access to the whole platform while a user can only access project resources for which he has been granted access rights. Users who are administrators can edit their name using this page while non-administrative users can only view it. All users can choose a language for the RunMyProcess interface here.

The user status and billing status are also displayed in this section. A user account has one of three possible status - active, inactive or pending. These status are colour coded - red for inactive, amber for pending and green for active.

ActiveThe user can use the RunMyProcess platform.
PendingThe user has been created, but has not yet accessed the application.
OverdueThe user has been de-activated and can no longer access RunMyProcess.
BlockedThe user has been locked out of their account because they failed to login successfully within the permitted number of attempts.

A pending user should connect, change his default password and accept the license agreements.

A user's billing status can be in one of two states - either overdue or in order. These status are also colour coded - red for overdue and green for in order. If a user's license expires, the billing status will become red and the user status will become amber.

In OrderThe user can use the RunMyProcess platform.
OverdueThe user cannot perform any action on the platform because his license has expired.

2.1.2 Advanced Settings

Further settings can be viewed here for the logged on user. This section is collapsed by default for those with a user profile but is expandable. The settings that can be viewed from here are described below:

Receive Administration Messages If this is ticked then the user will receive messages regarding RunMyProcess's maintenance operations.
View other users If this is ticked then the user has access to user lists. This includes user lists in the User Management application, the IDE and a web interface (e.g. users of a lane list). This setting can only be viewed.
View metadata If this is ticked then the user has access to view metadata in the IDE, the User Management Application and in any Web Interface. This setting can only be viewed.
View IDE If this is ticked then the user has access to the RunMyProcess IDE which enables users to develop applications. This setting can only be viewed.
IDE language This option is visible if the user has access to the IDE and enables users to choose a language for the IDE. The languages available are English, French, Spanish and Japanese.

2.1.3 Change Password

This section enables the user to change their password.

Change Password

2.2 Delegation

This page enables you to create and manage delegations and to view current representations. Delegating your tasks means that for a certain period of time, you will grant a colleague the right to validate, cancel and save all your assigned tasks. This can be useful if you are unavailable for some time.

Representations are delegations that other users have made where the current user is the one they have delegated their tasks to.

2.2.1 Creating a Delegation

This is accomplished by completing the information in the top pane.


You can search for and choose a colleague to delegate to from the drop down list. By clicking in the Date boxes you can choose the start and end dates for the delegation from a calendar. The date and time fields are editable. There are two types of delegations - global and project. Global delegations delegates all of your tasks while project will only delegate your tasks for a particular project. If you choose to delegate at project level, you will be required to choose a project from the drop down list. A user can only have one configured delegation per project and one delegation at global level, in which case it will apply to all projects that don't already have a delegation.
When you are satisfied with the delegation information click on DelegateButton to create the delegation.

2.2.2 Current Delegations

Delegations created by the user are displayed in a table on the page.


A created delegation can have a status of either "pending" or "active". These are colour coded, pending delegations are amber while active ones are green .

When a delegation is created its status is set to "pending". A pending delegation can be cancelled by clicking on Remove, the cancelled "pending" delegation will not appear in the delegation history. A delegation can be activated by clicking on , the delegation will be effective instantly even if its start date is in the future. An active delegation can be stopped manually by clicking on or it will be stopped automatically when the end date is reached. The stopped delegation will be visable in the delegation history and the delegate will no longer be able to access the tasks.

2.2.3 Current Representations


This table shows the details of the delegations that have been made by other users where the current user is the delegate i.e. where the current user has been granted authority to validate, cancel and save all of another user's assigned tasks for a fixed period of time.

2.2.4 Delegation History


This table shows delegations that have been created by the current user that have been active but are now inactive, this could be because the time has expired or because the user cancelled the delegation.

2.3 Connected Apps and Privacy

OAuth2 Services

This page is divided into two:

2.3.1 Authorized access to third party services

This section shows a list of third party services that you have logged onto from your RMP account using OAuth2. This authorization remains in place until you decide to revoke it by clicking on the Remove button next to the service.

2.3.2 Third-party applications connected to your RunMyProcess account

This section shows a list of third party services to which you have given access to your RMP resources using OAuth2. This authorization remains in place until you decide to revoke it by clicking on the Remove button next to the service.

2.4 Preferences & User Metadata

This section is divided into two, User Preferences and User Metadata.

2.4.1 User Preferences

The fields in this section are defined by the organization and can be edited for the current user here.

2.4.2 User Metadata

The information in this section is also defined by the organization. Different values can be set for the different environments that the user has access to. This information is viewable to users who have 'View Metadata' enabled on their account. This is set in the Advanced Setting section of the Settings page.

2.5 Lane Membership


Organizations are organized into pools and lanes. A pool can be thought of as a department and a lane as a role within that department. The lane membership page enables you to view the pools and lanes that the logged on user belongs to.

Pool name The name of the pool.
Lane Name Name of the lane.
Path The path for showing this lane (Role/Entity) in the hierarchy of the organization.
Script A lane which contains a script is a dynamic lane which are auto populated based on the user's metadata and lane membership.
Everybody? When this checkbox is ticked, the lane contains all users on the RunMyProcess platform.
Lane ID Id of the lane
Acceptance User If this is ticked then the current user is authorized to launch applications and processes in acceptance mode for the current lane.
Live User If this is ticked then the current user is authorized to launch applications and processes in live mode for the current lane.

2.5.1 Filters

To help you locate the lane you are interested in you can filter on pool name, lane name, script id and lane id. Click on Filter to toggle the visibility of the filters.

You will need to choose the type of filter you require from the list provided and enter the criteria in the box beneath.

Possible filters are:

IN This is available when filtering by lane ID. You will be required to provide a comma separated list of lane IDs that you want to browse.
NOT IN This is available when filtering by lane ID. You will be required to provide a comma separated list of lane IDs that you want excluded from the result set.
= Only lanes that have an exact match for the data entered will be displayed.
!= This represents not equals; lanes that have an exact match to the criteria will not be displayed.
Contains This is used when filtering on text fields, namely pool name, lane name and script. Lanes are displayed if the text entered as the criteria is found.
Does not Contain TThis is used when filtering on text fields, namely pool name, lane name and script. Lanes are displayed if the text entered as the criteria is not found.

Clicking on CancelFilters removes all set filters and all lanes are displayed.

2.5.2 Navigation


Twenty lanes are displayed per page, use the navigation bar to browse through the pages.

2.5.3 Exporting the lane data

Twenty lane records are displayed per page. It is possible to export a page of records to a file by clicking on the Export button above the lane details. Choosing the "default export" option will produce a csv (comma separated values) file using UTF-8 character encoding. Choosing the "Customize" option gives you options for the file produced; namely the character used to separate the fields, the character encoding system used, the decimal separator and the format of dates.

2.6 Support Authorizations


The purpose of this page is to enable you to give access to your RunMyProcess application to a member of our Support Team. You will need to enter the support technician's login id and an expiry date for the access. The access is authorized by clicking on CreateAuthorization

At the bottom of the screen you can view all the previous support access that you have authorized, you can remove an authorization by clicking on Remove next to the authorization you wish to remove.