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RunMyApp for Windows


RunMyApp is the official mobile application of RunMyProcess, now available for Android, Windows and iOS devices. It offers several features and an improved experience over a web browser:

  1. Detect and open your homepage when you start the application.
  2. Automatically log you in when opening a web interface using a web link.
  3. Native user interface for basket and web interface menu.
  4. A barcode scanner accessible using javascript.

You can install RunMyApp for Windows from the Windows store.

Logging in

When you launch the application or open a web interface without having set up an account, the application will prompt you to do so. RunMyApp supports authenticating using your RunMyProcess credentials or Google account.

Upon successfully logged in, RunMyApp will load your homepage given that it has been configured.


Launching web interfaces

From the homepage, tapping an application will launch it in a new window.

If you do not have a homepage, there are several ways to open your web interfaces in RunMyApp:

  • Open a web interface link (e.g. in a manual task's email) using RunMyApp.
  • Set your web interface as a custom homepage.

You can also launch web interfaces from basket or web interface menu.

Basket and menu

When opening a web interface on desktop, the basket and menu are parts of a web interface's web page header. In RunMyApp however, they are displayed as separate views. You can switch between them and the web view using the bottom toolbar. The number of pending tasks is displayed in the basket's icon.


Tapping a basket category will open the corresponding task list. From there you can launch the task's web interface.

The basket is synchronized every 5 minutes.

Advanced usage

Custom homepage

If you want to override your customer account's homepage configuration, you can do so in settings by enabling Custom homepage and set the url. Either select from a list of available applications or manually enter the web interface's url or id to the search bar and press "Search" button on the keyboard.

info Only web interfaces that have a LIVE version and the option corresponding to your device (Mobile/Tablet) enabled in Publish to the homepage are listed.

In the configuration screen, change the launch mode if necessary. Tap Done to set the homepage.

info Generally, this feature should only be used to test a homepage in development. Setting a web interface used to perform task as the custom homepage is discouraged.


You can setup on account in RunMyApp for Windows.


Tap the current account's email address under settings section to change account.