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Alameda Release

Alameda v2 (February 13th, 2013)

Alameda release v2 contains the following main features

  • Provider: A new temporary email provider based on Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is now set up on every RunMyProcess account. It tolerates many file extensions. Previous temporary email provider based on OVH has been migrated to this new one.
  • User: You can now deactivate a user without deleting it (which was causing issue on process launched by this deleted user).
  • Process and web interface report: Whether you are in back office interface (https://portal.runmyprocess.com/) or in a web interface using report widget, export button ("Your default export (...)") will only export as a csv what you see in current display (or 20 lines maximum). So as to have a full export (even if it contains more than a 1000 lines : limitation of previous version), you must click on export button ("Custom export") and check box "Export all, and receive data by e-mail". You will then receive an email with your full report in csv. If you don't receive any email, please check your "Spam" inbox.
  • Web interface: You can now dynamically create new widgets in an open web interface thanks to new javascript functions.
  • Process: You can now create a process that will be exposed as a synchronous web service. We call it Composite API. It is much more faster than a process listener since it is completely executed in memory with no persistence : you won't find any trace in process report of launched composite APIs. Moreover you can choose result content and state of response of web service call thanks to a new freemarker function (set_status).
  • Developer: You can now display js console for a web interface (launch screen or manual task screen) by adding an extension to the url (&P_attributes=tester) to display js console in LIVE mode or &P_attributes=notester to remove js console in TEST mode; you can also edit .xsl or .ftl files directly within RunMyProcess and at least you don't have to empty your cache after a major release of RunMyProcess.
  • Others: More CSS classes on object, new state in history widget when a timer expired on a manual task: "cancelled" has been replace by "Expired", web interface loading speed enhancement.

Alameda v1 (December 10th, 2012)

Alameda release v1 is a minor release. Nevertheless, it brings the following new features :

  • Report: Duplicate a process or a web interface report
  • Internal: New internal variable "P_status", which is used to return the execution status of last action. It has following structure : {"name":"OK","desc":"The request has succeeded","code":200}
  • Process: Script task with freemarker file
  • Process report: You can relaunch a green process
  • Privacy: File upload thanks to the File Upload widget won't be displayed any more in Desktop / Files
  • Connector: You can launch a web service directly from web interface (without using a process listener)