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Alcatraz Release

Alcatraz v2 (May 21st, 2012) and Alcatraz v3 (October 6th, 2012)

  • Technical "behind-the-scenes" upgrades of the platform to improve the overall scalability and improve web interfaces load time
  • Web interface:
  • Process: A new type of task has been added which can either generate a PDF document or execute a Javascript file within the process
  • Connector: You have now the ability to delegate tasks that are assigned to a given user, not a group (see Connector in RunMyProcess library: List Delegation, Create a delegation, Modify a delegation, Delete a delegation, Get delegation detail). All tasks already assigned to this user and all new tasks can be then performed by the delegate one (see new filter in web interface report: Delegated to). Moreover, in a process, you can decide that a given task won't be delegated even if a delegation has been activated.
  • Process execution: When a process fails on a email task or a web service task for technical reasons (time out, SMTP connexion failure, etc.), the process will automatically retry the task every minute for 10 minutes maximum.
  • Mobile: Beta version of the Android RunMyProcess App. (contact us)
  • And a few enhancements in the design tool (file, connector library and web interface list pagination, new freemarker functions, etc).

Alcatraz v1 (April 19th, 2012)

  • General: The general availability of our new Cloud database capabilities based on MongoDB (collection).
  • Process:
    • Possibility to start a public process using a basic HTML form ("form submit") with a custom page as response when process is started, instead of our acknowledgement of "well started".
    • Possibility to move variables within a task of a process using to drag and drop instead of arrows
  • Provider: New authentication method for Windows Azure
  • Web interface:
    • Display and filter widget according to its variable name within your web interface or custom widget used by your web interface
    • HTML code displayed in html widget instead of icon
    • Possibility to have a full screen display in web interface design tools
    • More information on CSS selection
    • Two new tools are available when web interface is opened in test mode: JS and CSS tester
    • Possibility to set a column of an array widget into active or inactive directly in the web interface design tool instead of using javascript functions
    • Possibility to set tabs of a tab widget active/inactive or visible/invisible according to given rules or new JS functions.
  • And a few enhancements in the design tool to ease further both process and application maintenance (new freemarker functions, more informations displayed in version tab of a project, etc).