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Bahamas Release

Bahamas (December 18th, 2010)

This minor release contains the following main features:

  • Web interface:
  • Process:
  • Report:
    • Launched process and Forms search now allow the use of dynamic criteria on date measurements (example : date = today).
    • Automatic recalculation of measures for past processes whenever you create or modify one.
    • The possibility to perform a search on a sub-process.
    • The option to delete a launched process.
  • Configuration:
    • New configuration options include: a new type of metadata and preferences (type List).
    • The possibility to dynamically switch to new language in flash interface.
    • Allowing RunMyProcess support teams access to your account.
  • Freemarker: New functions.
  • And lots of other improvements on performance and ease-of-use.