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Bali Release

Bali (April 21st, 2010)

This release contains the following main features:

  • Application designer:
    • Dynamic label for application.
    • Javascript files inclusion.
    • New widget (form search report with filters and agregation).
    • Screens chaining according to a given workflow (i.e. for a survey, if user answers are A than load screen BA else load screen CA where business logic is defined in a process).
    • Graphical process listener (i.e. on screen loading, launch a process that will fetch in a Google Spreadsheet information about P_connected_user and add them in a custom list to be displayed in current screen).
  • Process:
    • Possibility to attach multiple files to an email.
    • Manual event start tasks
    • Type your process measures to perform agregation.
  • Provider: New request type (PATCH).
  • Desktop: In form search report, you can now filter and agregate your process data.
  • Freemarker: New custom functions (zipfile, random, impersonate, etc).
  • And lots of other improvements.