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Gomera Release

Gomera (June 10th, 2010)

This minor release contains the following main features:

  • Application designer:
    • New widget (custom widget that allows you to re-use components between different RunMyProcess applications).
    • New type of list (variable based that allows you to display a dynamic list build within your web page).
    • New Javascript functions.
  • Process: In processes launched now it is possible using an email to map person in copy of launching email.
  • Launched process: You can perform search on sub-process of a given father process.
  • Freemarker: New function "transpose" that allows you to transpose a variable from a widget array from "column definition" to "line definition".
  • And lots of other improvements:
    • Number of open manual task displayed in manual task tab
    • Possibility to delete a manual task for an administrator
    • Possibility to rename reports
    • Files downloaded from RunMyProcess will be named with file name instead of RunMyProcess identifier.