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Itaque Release

Itaque (September 9th, 2009)

This release contains the following main features:

  • Application designer:
    • New widgets: radio buttons list, check boxes list, email input text.
    • New rule tab to define visible/active status of widget without javascript.
    • Default value in input text widget.
    • Multi-selection list.
    • Automatic sorting of list.
    • Lots of new Javascript functions to modify dynamically all properties of any widget and always more user friendly thanks to a new toolbar.
  • Google gadget: Display your tasks directly in a Google gadget (more Gadgets to come in fall).
  • Process::
    • Input variables of a task are automatically created with all variables needed by a webservice or a subprocess.
    • Process can be started thanks to an email sent to a given address whatever the mail format.
    • When a manual task is assigned to a role, all people within this role can be notified by email.
    • Input and output variables of a task can be ordered.
    • Output variables can be added to an event start.
    • Manual task can be approved thanks to a public form (no authentication needed).
  • My tasks: You can erase tasks in test and debug mode.
  • And lots of other improvements.