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Java Release

Java v3 (December 21st, 2015)

  • Development Experience
    • File search : we have added a "No Execution Mode" filter to retrieve files that were not created during the execution of a request.
    • Web interface engine upgrade : you can now visualize which engine version is used by a web interface and upgrade to the latest version.
    • Collection management : You can now retrieve the first level of keys of a collection from the collection view.
    • You can now decide whether or not an internal application (User Management, Logs Application ...) should appear on your homepage.
  • Widget report : full exports now create a file within the relevant project instead of sending the file via email.
  • Javascript widgets API
  • We have improved the freemarker error messages in the request execution logs.
  • Freemarker API
    • We have extended the P_json_put and P_json_remove methods to work on multiple levels of a JSONObject.
  • Mobile : You can now open a RunMyProcess application directly in a mobile browser without having to use RunMyApp.
  • IoT : We have upgraded the version of the CoAP protocol that can be used in our providers
  • Lane computation has been fully refactored to improve performance and stability.

Java v2 (November 12th, 2015)

  • Development Experience : We have added several search capabilities in the Flex designer to improve development on our platform
  • Email notification : We have added 2 new options on the email notification of a manual task. You can now specify a "Reply to" email and a "CC" list of recipients.
  • Numerous bug correction to improve IE11 compatibility
  • We have added a new option 'decimal_separator' to the json_to_csv function
  • User Management update (to be released at the end of November)
    • Support of Microsoft Edge and IE 11
    • Management of a user membership to the Acceptance list of users of a lane
    • Preferences & Metadata in Test & Acceptance
    • Delegation management (a user's own delegation and admin management)
    • Support Authorization management
    • OAuth2 tokens management
  • Performance : Numerous evolutions to improve the performance of the platform. This release also contains the first elements for the migration of the platform to Europe.

Java v1 (September 23rd, 2015)

  • Reporting features
    • The ability to export Javascript reports (To display the export icon, the web interface has to be saved)
    • A new refresh feature on all reports
    • Bug correction on date filters on all reports
  • Timer events and scheduled processes can now be configured up to one year ahead
  • Freemarker functions to convert JSON to CSV and vice-versa
  • Integration
    • We have added support for TLS protocol up to version 1.2
    • We have added AWS authentication
  • A forgot password link has been added on our main login page
  • Assign to actions now display the assignee information in the history widget
  • P_index variable can now be used in a report custom column and in the validation / visibility / required rules of a widget array
  • Usage Report application now displays usage per project

Finally, to ensure greater transparency and stronger compliance with legislation, we have enforced the acceptance of terms and conditions for each new user during initial login. This will only affect new users within accounts configured to use SSO and Google OAuth2 authentication.