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Lifou Release

Lifou v4 (July 8th, 2015)

  • Actions assign to, take and release now appear in the history of an appinstance (displayed in the history widget).
  • Basket : Possibility to filter on another web interface than the current.
  • Copy of version : a new copy icon has been added to the version view. You can now take a version and create a copy that points to exactly the same revisions of resources of the original version. A highlight of the selected revision has also been added to ease version management.
  • Array widget : Clicking on minus on the first line now empties the first line. Same behaviour applies when removing the row in Javascript.
  • Button widget : Launched process notification has been slowed down.
  • New Portal 2 applications : Users Management & Logs application.
  • Mobile : Improvement of rendering of the progress bar on RunMyApp.
  • New application languages : traditional Chinese, Czech and Slovak.
  • Javascript report widget : You can now choose for each column the filter operators that can be used.
  • Appinstance report : new filter Assigned To Connected User

Lifou v3 (June 3rd, 2015)

  • New user functionalities
    • Acceptance metadata and preferences : a user can now have metadata and preferences in Acceptance mode
    • Users can be queried based on preference or metadata value
    • Possibility to modify directly a user's metadata or preference using P_change_metadata and P_change_preferences without having to resave the whole structure
  • New lane functionalities
    • Possibility to know if a scripted lane is being recomputed or not
    • The scripted lanes in Acceptance mode will take into account the lane script (same behaviour as in Live mode). This functionality change will impact new and modified scripted lanes, as well as new and updated users who match the script
  • Delegation per project : delegation can now be limited to a project
  • New options added to collection import
    • New parsing option to specify columns that should be parsed as long
    • New trim option
  • Improved rendering of mobile applications

Lifou v2 (April 15th, 2015)

  • Event messages cleanup : event messages, event in production mode, are now deleted 2 months after having been processed
  • Composite API error management : if a composite API - called from a process - fails, the error message is now returned to the process P_message variable
  • Dates management in report widget : Different improvements have been brought to the handling of dates in reports
    • The date format used in exports of widget reports can now be configured
    • Filters on dates in widget reports have been improved
  • User picker : you can now configure the number of characters necessary to launch the search of users
  • New internal variable P_current_request that presents the request_id in a nested process
  • Improved rendering of mobiles app

Lifou v1 (from February 12th, 2015 to March 10th, 2015)

  • Multiple events are now available : You can now add multiple events on a single step, each followed by its own independent path. Events allow the catching of errors, timeout or manual task cancellation.
  • Migration to MongoDB 2.6 : All process executions have been migrated to MongoDB, leading document orientated database. This change is expected to improve the scalability of the platform as well as providing a higher level of data segregation.
  • Runtime lanes
  • Integration
    • OAuth 2.0 Authentication
    • Enhanced security and encryption of credentials of API connectors
    • It is now possible to allow SMTP with starttls option and no authentication method
  • Reporting
    • Ability to add the list of possible values of a field in a report and configure a date pattern to display in the reports
    • You can now add user filters to get the list of app instances or a process requests a user participated in
    • You can now view process requests that were stopped ("killed") by the platform
  • Web interfaces
  • Logout & SAML: Logout SAML requests can now be signed and verified by the identity provider.
  • New Freemarker methods
  • Freemarker methods updated