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Madeira Release

Madeira (August 30th, 2011)

The Madeira release represents a significant change in how the applications are developed. This release contains the following main features:

RunMyProcess now includes the possibility to manage versions of an application, packaged within a project. Thanks to these new features, each application created can exist in multiple versions.

You can now modify, develop and deploy new versions without interrupting the service for your end users. More than just a cosmetic design change, this release brings with it a significant improvement in how applications are developed as well as other changes to improve usability and security.

If you were using RunMyProcess previously, all running processes/applications in production will continue to run as before. Nevertheless you won't be able to modify them before migrating the application into a project. This guide is available to help you learn more about this migration.

In addition, this release brings many other improvements to the design, navigation, and ease-of-use. It also includes support for new freemarker functions (read cells of an excel file...), personalized login page if not using Google Open Id, etc.