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Mogador Release

Mogador v3 (September 4th, 2013)

  • Web interface : improved default CSS of the web interface
  • Connectors : introduction of a new authentication mode for SFTP, via a public and private keys
  • Uploaded files : uploaded files are now linked to a specific project, giving your more control rights on them
  • Reports
    • you can now filter your web interface and process reports according to the date of the latest update
    • configuration of the reports to follow the execution mode : you can now view the test report when opening the application in test mode and in live report when the application is viewed live
  • Delegation : you can now schedule the start and the end date of a delegation
  • My applications : you can now configure your My applications view depending on the viewing device (PC/tablet PC/mobile)
  • Freemarker : new method get_task_url that allows you to get the URL of the next manual task from the process
  • a number of minor evolutions and bug fixes

Mogador v2 (July 9th, 2013)

  • Rights : creation of 2 new right profiles on projects
    • Observer : right to view all application instances of the project but only in a read-only mode.
    • Translator : right to update, create, read and delete dictionaries

Mogador v1 (June 13th, 2013)

  • Rights : a more customizable and dynamic management of end-user rights in projects
  • Web interface
    • a finer grained management of CSS files based on the type of media to simplify mobile rendering
    • addition of a new widget the auto-complete text input
    • customizable application header
    • automatic injection of the jQuery library instead of prototype for new applications, the use of jQueryUI is also simplified
  • API : addition of a new customer API to track platform usage and user access
  • Development environment : support for Japanese language
  • Composite API: addition of email and scheduled triggers
  • Secure Enterprise Connector : HTTPS support
  • Connectors : SFTP and CoAP support
  • under the hood technical evolutions resulting in up to 25% improvements in new process' and composite API's execution time
  • a number of minor evolutions and bug fixes