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Mongo Release

Mongo v3 (September 28th, 2016)


Process engine enhancements

  • Processes and subprocesses can now seamlessly share history and uploaded files via a new “Share history and uploaded files” option, preserving context across solution components.
  • By default the "Last process modifier" variable is now set to the last person who executed a sub-process task, increasing the chances that long running processes can complete as organizations change.

Development enhancements

  • A new Javascript function - “RMP_Array widget.isColumnVisible” - reports on whether an array widget column is visible or hidden, providing finer grained understanding and control over the user experience.
  • SHA256 encryption is now supported for HMAC within Freemarker scripts.

Security enhancements

  • The entity ID used for single sign on via SAML V2 is now configurable (it remains "runmyprocess.com” by default).
  • The length of time that a user session remains active before timing out is now configurable, helping you tune the environment and balance your organization's unique productivity and security needs.

Bug fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Process Runner A subprocess without a start event is called within a main process The subprocess turns ‘red’ while the main process remains ‘orange’
Lane computation A user is reactivated (Active to Pending/Blocked to Active) The reactivated user is not put back into the scripted lanes he should be in
WI Report Sort on “Created on” columns (same for “Updated on”) The sort is ignored
WI Report Type in a date filter on a WI report and then delete the filter An error occurs
Collection Report Search on a value containing a closing bracket Filter is not taken into account
UI Renderer Set the label position to “Above” on a multi-checkboxes widget The position is ignored

Mongo v2 addon: Connectors Library (August 19th, 2016)

We have cleaned and refactored completely our library of connectors. Our goal was to provide connectors and providers that were fully documented for developers to be able to integrate them in their process or composite APIs as quickly and simply as possible. We have also removed APIs that were deprecated - usually because the authentication protocol was changed by third-parties to OAuth2. Last but not least we have released Office365 connectors. The connectors library can be accessed from its dedicated view in the IDE.

Mongo v2 (July 20th, 2016)

  • A major rebranding that creates a new foundation for RunMyProcess, including
    • A totally new website and collateral
    • An updated product design that integrates our new brand across:
      • The login page
      • Easy Builder
      • Advanced IDE
      • Documentation
  • In addition to these milestone changes there are also a range of product updates:
    • Logs Application : The rights to access the process logs, composite logs and custom logs are now open to designers & supervisors
    • Translation of Web Interface names on the homepage : To be able to use it, change the homepage code to use the header_title
  • Finally we have also addressed a range of bugs:
    • An issue that sometimes prevented deletion of projects and collections has been resolved
    • A bug that prevented some EasyBuilder apps displaying properly in RunMyApp on Android has been resolved
    • A bug that affected user rights after a refresh of the history has been resolved

Mongo v1 (May 18th, 2016)

  • Versioned File :
    • You can now create a versioned file directly from the development environment without having to upload it from your computer.
    • A versioned file can now be used in the attachment configuration of an email task. Uploaded files are still valid.
  • Delegation on runtime lanes : a delegation configuration now applies for a task generated on a runtime lane that contains only one user. The delegated task has the same behavior as any delegated task (e.g : the delegated user may appear in reports).
  • Integration : You can now configure a custom content-type on a connector.
  • Measures : You can now configure up to 50 measures for a process.
  • Project deletion : To delete a project the following conditions must be met
    • The project must not have a version in production.
    • The project must not be included in another project as a subproject.
    • The project must not have any USER lane.
    • The end user trying to delete the project must be an ADMIN.