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Nantucket Release

Nantucket v3 (February 29th, 2012)

  • Authentication policy management: You can now block a user after "n" unsuccesfull connections tries. For more information about authentication policy configuration, please contact us.
  • Connector: New FTP functions (DELETE, RENAME, MKDIR, RMDIR).
  • Collection: Javascript functions to manipulate collections within a web interface
  • Web interface: Possibility to execute a preload script on save document button and Javascript function to reset selection of a list
  • Freemarker:
    • New functions to list, attach, detach file from a widget upload file ; get URL of a manual task in input parameter of this manual task function to generate a custom error in process.
  • And lots of other improvements:
    • Javascript error message are more explicit for process listener.
    • Whenever you need to choose a resource you also can create a new one.

Nantucket v2 (January 31st, 2012)

  • Web interface:
    • New widget report: You can now display collection report and show filter section on opening.
    • New widget application history: You can now allow user to add comments directly into the application history and also historized variables values at each validation step.
  • Process: You can now define in "From" of an email task a displayed name different from email address.
  • And lots of other improvements:
    • Report performance improvement.
    • New free-marker functions.
    • Add-on to widget upload variable.

Nantucket v1 (December 10th, 2011)

  • General: Beta version of an integrated document database for managing business objects used by developed applications and based on MongoDB.
  • Connector: Connection to your local database thanks to new provider type RDCP and new kind of service.
  • Web interface:
    • New widget report: You can export report in different CSV formats or print it, include calculated columns or set technical columns invisible, select specific lines in a report and treat them differently thanks to new JS function.
    • New widget upload file: You can upload multiple files, list or delete or download files uploaded and perform many actions thanks to new Javascript functions
  • Process: Possibility to perform scripting in Javascript instead of freemarker or to use your own freemarker functions file (cf. include ftl).
  • Monitoring: Possibility to relaunch a process on a given version and to relaunch a sub-process without modifying state of father process, increase report performance thanks to "only for current project" option.
  • And lots of others improvements (Active Directory synchronization using a partner solution.)