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Okinawa Release

Okinawa (July 21th, 2010)

This minor release contains the following main features:

  • Web interface:
    • Customize your web page using your own stylesheet (CSS file).
    • Attach your own Javascript to a button array.
    • Launch a process from any web page using our new RunMyProcess Javascript file.
    • Hide first column of your form search or your process report and add a preview html input field widget to your RunMyProcess web page.
  • Provider: Possibility to set a rule in order to not overload your provider (x milliseconds between each request).
  • Launched process: You can now re-execute a process that has failed or which state is waiting /cancelled.
  • Report (Launched process and Forms search): You can now use criteria attached to current user metadata (example : display all holidays of my department).
  • Freemarker: New functions:
    • Modify content of a file downloaded on RunMyProcess platform
    • Get and modify user metadata
    • Possibility to modify directly a json structure (name) a.b.c = (value) 3
  • And lots of others improvements.