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Sardegna Release

Sardegna (October 7th, 2010)

This release contains the following main features:

  • Web interface:
    • Edit variables and widgets when reusing a custom widget in another process.
    • Edit your CSS and Javascript file directly in the new RunMyProcess editor.
    • Add a pre-launch script to a button (if button "Refuse" is clicked, comment field becomes mandatory).
    • Manage column filter on report widget thanks to new Javascript functions.
    • Save user modifications in a webform without launching a process or performing a loop on a manual task (Save document button).
    • Define "validation" rule or "required" rule on each widget.
  • Provider: New type of provider (FTPES) and new method LIST is available.
  • Process:
    • Loopback within a process (instead of using loop on a sub-process).
    • New type of sub-process (nested process) which allows a father process to share its variables with its sub-processes.
  • Organization: New option in role so as to ease user's attachment (option everybody).
  • Report: Launched process and Forms search, perform a filter between 2 measures.
  • Freemarker: New functions available
    • Get and Save preference.
    • Get technical information about current launched process.
    • Manipulate file.
  • Configuration: Add preference data to a user which can be secured (i.e: password) and which can only be modified by him.
  • And lots of other improvements:
    • New script editor (with colored edition, undo, redo, mass indent, usual keyboard shortcut like crtl+c,v,z,y).
    • Performance improvement of designer interface.
    • New ergonomy of service tester.
    • New information in comment widget.
    • Reorder columns of your widget easily.
    • Add an image to your widget button.
    • Launch a public process using an email.