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Stromboli Release

Stromboli (March 2nd, 2011 & March 17th, 2011)

This release contains the following main features:

  • Web interface:
    • It is now possible to define URL of a widget report dynamically and to open the link of a widget report within the same windows (instead of a new tab).
    • Possibility to set a column of a widget array invisible.
    • Possibility to use a custom widget in a public application.
    • It is also possible to execute a JavaScript script or a process listener even if a manual task has been performed (read only web form).
    • Possibility to execute a post loading script for a custom list to get its content (with new JS functions to manipulate this content).
  • Analytics: Add a Google analytic tracker to your application. It's possible to track the global statistics or each individual screen in the application.
  • Organization:
    • Create a dynamic role that contains a group of roles (example different country groups).
    • When manual task is executed, a script assigns the task to the pertinent role group based on any values transmitted by the process.
  • Provider: Two new types of authentication for a provider:
    • RunMyProcess Secured Connection: it allows you to use a RunMyProcess internal webservices with current user (P_user) credentials.
    • Secured Data Connector: it allows you to give an access to RunMyProcess to your internal webservices without creating any DMZ on your local network or reconfiguring your firewall.
  • Process: Now offers the ability to capture the body of an HTML email that has launched a process and to find quickly where a variable is defined within your process.
  • Report: (Launched process and Forms search) now allows the use of new dynamic criteria on date measurements (tomorrow, in 4 days or 3 months, etc).
  • File: Now offers the ability to upload public files on RunMyProcess platform: no login, password will be needed to display or download it. This is very convenient for public web form (for images or CSS file for instance).
  • Freemarker: New functions to manipulate custom lists, manage concurrent access on resources and delete file.
  • And lots of other improvements on current functions:
    • Process pdf export in Chrome.
    • Report CSV export.
    • Performance and ease-of-use.
    • State of webservice or subprocess in process design screen.