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Thibault Release

Thibault v3 (March 22nd, 2017)


Component Enhancements Link
Role & Lane A computed column "Syntax" has been added in the lane list view of the IDE to detect the invalid syntax of scripted lanes
Developer Guide
Easy Builder Email notifications can now be sent to users of User picker
Connector library New connectors for the following providers:
- Force.com
- Office 365 OneDrive
- Office 365 Calendar
- Office 365 Excel
- Smartsheet
- Slack
RunMyApp for iOS Use the Offline mode to create new requests when offline. These requests wil be automatically synchronized upon reconnection. End User Guide
iTunes Apple store
Push notifications for mobile devices configured on Manual and Email / Notification tasks
New design to match the new RunMyProcess brand and improve the user experience.

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Email / Notification Task Set the priority to Low, Medium or High of the email notification. The priority was not setted. Note: Some mail providers do not support this functionality (Gmail)
Manual Task Fill in the Language field of a Manual Task with a dynamic variable Impossible to use freemarker syntax
Role & Lane Check the members of a scripted or everybody role (lane) The list of users is greyed out and cannot be scrolled
Web Interface Report Set a value for the 'delegated to' filter The value of the filter disappears but is applied to the report
Delegation The delegation has expired (eq. the 'To' date is in the past) The delegation is still active
Scripted lane Script contains the same condition multiple times - Ex: ${(Cond_1 && Cond_2) || (Cond_1 && Cond_3)}, Cond_1 appears twice The script is invalid
The lane is not a scripted lane The "Syntax" column of the lane list view of the IDE might show up as "Invalid"
The language of the IDE is set to Spanish or Japanese Some messages related to scripted lanes are displayed in English
IDE Update settings, metadata or preferences of an inactive user The inactive user is deleted

Thibault v2 (February 1st, 2017)


Component Enhancements Link
RunMyApp Configureable custom Homepage for Mobiles and/or Tablets. User Guide
Role & Lane Automatic syntax check when scripted lanes are edited (instead of full lane computation).
Ability to edit runtime lanes from the IDE during process execution. User Guide
Easy Builder
Ability to transfer ownership of applications to another user. User Guide
Push notification option on Manual tasks for RunMyApp users. User Guide
End-User Configurable language option for Manual task notifications. User Guide
Report Custom parameters can now be passed to the export process of Javascript Reports. Developer Guide
Security Extra keys can now be stored through FreeMarker OAuth 2.0 dedicated functions (in addition to access token, refresh token and expires in). API Reference
User Management The "Advanced Settings" section is automatically opened when the connected user has an ADMIN profile.

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Runtime Lane Manual Task performed after being assigned to a runtime lane. Task remained in the user baskets and reports (assigned to).
Scripted Lane Deletion of a lane (B) that was referred to in the script of another lane (A). Lane B couldn't be deleted.
Using the NOT operator with the Freemarker function `contains`. Negation was not applied.
Collection Exporting a collection that exceeded 25Mb. The export failed (without an error message).
Report Using the export feature of a report where the customised date pattern was left empty The export failed.
Process Updating a process triggered by a timer. In TEST and ACCEPTANCE modes, the last modifier became the initiator of the process, but it was not the case in LIVE.
Pushing to LIVE a timer-triggered process that was triggered soon after. The process may not have been triggered.
Pushing to LIVE an email-triggered process. The process may not have been triggered.
User Experience Positioning the label above a radio button. The Label was to the side of the widget rather than above.
Manually typing the date in a date picker widget (with a pattern not including the time part e.g. dd/MM/yyyy). The time part (set by default) of the timestamp was different than when selected through the date picker directly (00:00:00 GMT instead of 12:00:00 GMT).
Uploading a file that exceeded the maximum allowed size (25Mb). The upload failed without an error message.
API Using Logs Application, retrieve the Authentication failed event No more information regarding the user.
Using Usage Application, retrieve the account usage An error occured
Character encoding Search for a text that contains an ideographic space in any search bar No result
Report List items of a Web interface report based on process when a file is uploaded in the Web interface The item do not appear

Thibault v1 (November 23th, 2016)


Component Enhancements Link
Role Management The performance of scripted lanes has been drastically improved. This enhancement required a new set of script definitions and will deprecate some existing scripted lanes.
Developer Guide
RunMyApp for Android Use the Offline mode to create new requests when offline. These requests wil be automatically synchronized upon reconnection. User Guide Developer Guide
Push notifications for mobile devices configured on Manual and Email / Notification tasks User Guide
New design to match the new RunMyProcess brand and improve the user experience. Google Play
My Settings
User Management
Information regarding authorized access to third-party applications (OAuth 2.0) is now displayed and can be managed by the end-user.
Modification of the user interface to present the most frequently used information first.
Translator App The Application description and title, the Header title and Captcha can be translated.
New column that displays the component name of the property to translate.
Improved performance and stability.
File management The upload file limit has increased from 10 to 25 Mb.
Process Report Widget The ability to filter processes based on their status.
IDE Configure push notifications for RunMyApp on Manual and Email / Notification tasks. User Guide
Process instances in previous versions could be upgraded in acceptance mode. Lifecycle Guide
Redirect to a specific url from https://live.runmyprocess.com/logout?P_target=[url]
Server communication TLS supports the SNI (Service Name Indication) extension protocol, with the exception of the PATCH HTTP method and the Secure Enterprise Connector.
Security Configure the maximum invalid login attempts. User Guide
Secure Enterprise Connector (SEC) jar components are signed.
Web Interface Date input widget : Implement a callback to change the default behaviour when computing the return date (including time) after the end user has entered a date (without time). API Reference

Bug Fixes

Component Situation Symptom
Web Interface Some actions were no longer allowed on non-active widgets when using the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. The actions were selection, copy and paste and displaying alerts. The widgets affected were TextInput, DateInput, UrlInput, Captcha and FileUpload. Some previously permitted actions were no longer available. *N.B. Following the release, the listed input widgets are read-only (was disabled) and focusable (behaviour change since it supports tab navigation).
For existing web interfaces, migration to thibault_v1 is required.
Uploading a file exceeding the size limit in a form. No error message was displayed.
Creating an array / table with more than one column. The id of the header HTML element appeared only for the first column.
Creating a form with inactive button(s) and an active 'Save Document' button, then saveing the document. All the inactive buttons became active.
Exporting a multi-line text widget that contains carriage return to a csv file. The formatting was broken therefore the data was not displayed correctly.
Role management Updating an existing role to runtime lane and vice-versa. It could impact applications in Live or Acceptance.
User Management Blocked Users Blocked users were not taken into account in the statistics and were displayed without a status color in the list.
Importing users by CSV file including metadata. An error was raised.
Creating a user with metadata that contained a null date. Exception was raised when displaying the user's metadata.