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Tortuga Release

Tortuga (December 14th, 2009)

This release contains the following main features:

  • Application designer:
    • Duplication of applications.
    • New widgets (tabs, section, history of validation, url link input widget).
    • Automatic update of uploaded files list.
    • New Javascript functions to modify dynamically all properties.
  • Process:
    • Upload a file on a public form of a manual task.
    • Secured variables in a process (for password for instance).
    • Get all variables typed by a user in a web form of a manual task using a check box.
    • Pass and get all variables of a father process to a sub-process thanks to 2 check boxes.
    • Revert your current process to a previous saved process.
  • User configuration: Creation of customs attributes to user profile (telephone, delegate.).
  • My charts:
    • Export data of a chart to a Google chart or to a CSV file.
    • Share your report with other users, entities or roles.
  • Forms search: Export data of a report to a CSV file.
  • And lots of other improvements
    • New login page and UI
    • Possibility to concatenate structures in Freemarker.