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Wight Release

Wight v2 (March 31st, 2016)

  • Development Experience:
    • Versioned Files
      We introduced a new type of files to host application codes such as CSS and JavaScript scripts. The versioned files are handled as any other project resource, simplifying maintenance, code reusability and performance. The content of a versioned file can be accessed using the P_versioned_file_content freemarker function
    • New code editor
  • Conditional Process Trigger and Conditional Events:
    We added a new event management feature that triggers and resumes processes: an event realization being a Composite API returning true. We can therefore listen - via a Composite API launched regularly, to a simple event or to an aggregation of events.
  • Mobile : RunMyApp, our mobile application, is now available on the Windows Store

Wight v1 (February 3rd, 2016)

  • Development Experience:
    • You can now visualize the current list of users in a runtime lane in the request view.
    • Collection report : you are now able to import the level 1 keys of a collection
    • Array widget : you can access deleted data by using the newly created P_delete_row variable
    • Deletion of a lane : lanes that are used in old revisions of processes cannot be deleted. You can now get the information about the process in question with the tooltip in the list of lanes.
  • Internet of Things:
    • We have added CoAPs as a new protocol that can be chosen in a provider configuration. It is a secure variant of the CoAP protocol.
    • We have added some specific CoAP parameters in the configuration of a CoAP connector.
  • Composite API:
    • Composite API can now be called synchronously in a script via the options of the id_api.trigger(input,options,ok,ko) API. This is not available for web interfaces that do not have JQuery.
  • Performance:
    • We have improved the performance of the homepage. This should be particularly visible on accounts with a lot of users and lanes.