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RunMyApp for iOS

RunMyApp is RunMyProcess's mobile application, giving the best user experience for RunMyProcess applications on mobile devices.

1 Overview

RunMyApp enables you to use your RunMyProcess applications whilst on the go or even offline. The key features of RunMyApp include:

  • Authentication: Log in using your RunMyProcess credentials, your Google account, or Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Enterprise Process Store: Home page from which to view and launch your mobile applications.
  • Task basket: Review your outstanding tasks and requests.
  • Push notifications: Notifications that pop up on your mobile device for received emails and outstanding tasks.
  • Offline availability: Access and work with your RunMyProcess applications even when offline.

2 Installation

You can download and install RunMyApp from the App Store:

RunMyApp for iOS requires iOS 12+. To access the full functionality and ongoing support, users should ensure that they are running iOS version 12, 13, or 14.

3 Logging In

You are prompted to log in when you first access RunMyApp. You need to select which platform to access, either EMEA (runmyprocess.com), Americas (runmyprocess.us), APAC (runmyprocess.com.au) or Asia (runmyprocess.jp).

There are three methods for authentication:

  • By using your RunMyProcess credentials.
  • By using your Google credentials.
  • By using Single Sign On (SSO) to log in via your own authentication service.

4 The Enterprise Process Store


The RunMyApp - Home page shows the following:

  • The applications you can access. Click an application to launch it.
  • The main menu in the top left-hand corner. It provides access to all menu options.
  • The task basket in the top right-hand corner. It provides access to your tasks and requests.

5 The Task Basket

5.1 Viewing the Task Basket

The task basket can be accessed both from within applications and from the Enterprise Process Store. The task basket square shows the total number of your outstanding tasks and requests. From the Enterprise Process Store, the tasks and requests shown in the task basket are across all your applications. When accessed from an application, the tasks and requests are restricted to that application.

You can click the task basket to list the tasks and requests. You can then click an entry in the list to instantly work on the respective task or view the current status of your request.

5.2 Keeping the Task Basket Up-To-Date

There are two options for keeping your task basket up-to-date:

  • Turn on the Settings > Push Notification option in the main menu. If enabled, RunMyApp notifies you and updates your task basket with details of new tasks that are assigned to you - provided that the tasks are configured to enable push notifications.

  • If Push Notification is turned off, you can alternatively choose how often you want to synchronize your basket. For this purpose, use the Settings > Refresh Basket option. It allows you to set the frequency.

Please note that any page refresh also synchronizes your basket.

6 Push Notifications

To receive notifications that pop up on your mobile device, you need to turn on the Settings > Push Notification option in the main menu. When enabled, you receive a notification as soon as you have received an email or have been assigned a manual task - provided that the corresponding task is configured to enable push notifications.

The number of push notifications for tasks that have been assigned to you can be seen from a badge on your RunMyApp icon. The badge is displayed as soon as you have received at least one notification for an outstanding task. The badge is removed from the icon when you launch RunMyApp.

With the installation of RunMyApp, your mobile device is automatically registered to receive notifications. You can choose to unregister and re-register your device using the Settings > Advanced Features > Notification Registration option. Please note that unregistering your device disables notifications for all RunMyProcess user accounts that are setup on your mobile device. This setting is only valid until RunMyApp is re-started. At this time. the device is automatically registered again to receive notifications.

7 Offline Availability

You can access an application offline provided that it is designed to enable this feature.

When using an application offline, you can create new requests which are automatically submitted when you go online (see section 8.3 for further details).

7.1 Adding an Application for Offline Use

To enable the offline availability of an application, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the Settings > Advanced Features > Offline option in the main menu.
  2. Click the plus sign in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Choose the required application from the list.

Once the application has been identified, you have to choose the version of the application you require and specify which collections are to be made available to you whilst offline (if the application uses collections). A local copy of any chosen collections will be stored on your device.

Click Done in the top right-hand corner to download the application and the collection data (if any).


Please note that it is not possible to switch between online and offline mode. To exit offline mode, close the Web interface and then reopen it while the device is online.

7.2 Maintaining Your Offline Applications

7.2.1 Keeping Your Offline Applications Up-To-Date

There are three ways of ensuring that you work with the latest version of your offline applications and that your local collection data is up-to-date:

  • As soon as you have set up an application for offline use, an additional refresh icon is displayed in the top-level menu. Clicking this icon allows you to download the latest updates for your offline applications.

  • In the offline settings (accessible from Settings > Advanced Features > Offline), there is a Download All option in the bottom right-hand corner. This option replaces all the collections held on your device with the ones held on the RunMyProcess platform and synchronizes your applications so that you have the latest versions.

  • When you choose Settings > Advanced Features > Offline, a list of the applications that you have available for offline use is displayed. There is a Download button for each application. Click this button to download the collection data for this particular application and ensure that you have the latest version.

During the synchronization process, the refresh icon shows the number of projects left to be synchronized.


If an error occurs during the synchronization process, the icon changes as follows:


7.2.2 Managing Collection Data

When adding an application for offline use, you can specify which collections are to be available when offline. The data from these collections is held locally on your device and synchronized with the collections held on the central RunMyProcess platform when you choose to synchronize (see section 7.2.1).

After making an application available for offline use, you may want to change which collections are locally available. For this purpose, click Offline in the Advanced Features menu. You are presented with a list of your offline applications, and for each one there is an Options button. Click the button to choose the collections for offline availability. The data held locally is synchronized with the collections on the RunMyProcess platform as part of the synchronization process (see section 7.2.1).


Note that it is possible to display the collection content through a collection report, provided the application is designed to enable collection reports.

7.2.3 Removing Downloaded Applications

The Settings > Advanced Features > Offline option shows a list of all your offline applications. Use Manage in the bottom left-hand corner to access the option for removing offline applications.

8 Application Development Features

The application development features are targeted at users involved in the development of RunMyProcess applications. They can be accessed from Settings > Advanced Features in the main menu. The following sections describe the individual options.


8.1 Managing Multiple User Accounts

Users may have more than one RunMyProcess user account and RunMyApp can be used with more than one account, if required. Use the Settings > Advanced Features > Manage Accounts option to manage the user accounts.

8.1.1 Adding User Accounts

You can add an additional user account to the account list that is displayed. For this purpose, click the plus icon. You are prompted to log in using a different account. RunMyApp stores this user account for future use.

8.1.2 Changing the Active User Account

You can change the user account that is currently active. For this purpose, select the user account that you would like to use from the list of user accounts. The selected user account becomes the active one instantly.

8.1.3 Removing a User Account

To remove a user account that is no longer needed for RunMyApp, you need to make this user account the active one. As soon as it is the active one, click the account at the top of the Settings menu and use the Delete account option.

8.2 Changing the Execution Mode

Most end users use RunMyApp in Live mode. This is the default execution mode. Developers or testers, however, may want to use RunMyApp in Test or Acceptance mode. You can change the execution mode with the Advanced Features > Execution Mode option. If the execution mode is set to Test or Acceptance, the user continues to receive notifications from the Live environment.

Please note that changing the execution modes deletes any offline local data you may have on your device.

8.3 Background Synchronization

Turning on the background synchronization feature with the Background Synch option enables RunMyApp to upload requests submitted whilst offline to the platform as a background task. This means that when your device becomes connected after a period of being offline, any request submitted is automatically uploaded - regardless of whether the application is active or not. With this feature disabled, RunMyApp needs to be active for the requests to be uploaded.

Please be aware that choosing to synchronize in the background consumes additional battery power.

8.4 Notification Registration

Use Notification Registration to register and unregister your device for push notifications.