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Providers and Connectors

A provider represents an external system, for example, Salesforce, that provides services to be integrated into an application. A connector is the project resource that connects enterprise or web services offered by a provider with an application. It simplifies and speeds up the integration of the application with the external system.

A provider can group multiple connectors that are available at the same web address. Each connector is offered by a single provider.

A connector allows to perform automated activities within a process. Each process itself is also represented as a connector that uses a pre-built default provider. These connectors cannot be modified since they are the web service representations of processes.

In order to be able to reuse a specific provider and its associated connectors across projects, a separate project should be created for it. For example, a separate project for an email provider enables its reuse across all projects that require an email provider. Without a separate project, this is not possible since a project resource can only be attached to one project.

DigitalSuite provides an extensive library of pre-built connectors as well as the tools necessary to create custom connectors of any kind.

Providers and connectors are configured in the Resources or Project Configuration modules of DigitalSuite Studio.. For information on how to use pre-built connectors in projects, refer to Connector Library.