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    Developer Guide

        1. Todo Validation
      1. Release Your User Login
      1. Process Reporting API
        1. CSS Examples
        2. CSS Personalization
      1. Performance
        1. List Reinitialization
        2. Holidays
        3. Number Currency Format
        4. Label Modification
        5. Array From WS
        6. Launch Process JQuery
        7. Column Inactivation
        8. Date
        9. Print JSONObject
        10. ArrayJSON to JSONArray
        11. Invalid Fields
        12. Round
        13. Initialization Widget Date
        14. JQuery
        15. Inject JSONObject
        16. Google Tables
        1. Summing Array
        2. API Listener
        3. User Lane Picker
        4. Retrieving Variables Values
          1. Chart Dashboard
          2. Report Chart
          3. Google Visualization
          4. Chart Dashboard Collection
        5. Tags
        6. Collection
        7. File Preview
        8. Dynamic List
        9. Dialog Window
        10. JavaScript Report
        11. Autocomplete Widget
          1. homepage.js
          2. homepage.css
        1. Logout
        2. Custom Login Page
        3. Header
        4. Mobile Devices
        5. Basket
        6. Redirection ExecutionMode
        7. Menu Bar
        8. Information Tags
      1. Composite API Example
      1. Markdown Template
        1. Task Reminder Email
        2. SubProcess
        3. PDF
        4. JavaScript Inclusion
        5. Variable Mapping
        6. Backloop
      2. Trigger
        1. File Visibility
        2. Number Currency Format
        3. Error Handling
        4. JSONObject Concatenation
        5. Loop
        6. Dynamic Variable
        7. List 1000+ Objects
        8. Metadata
        9. Freemarker Container Test
        10. JSONObject Keys Values
        11. List Hash Sequence
        12. Special Freemarker Characters
        13. Salesforce Computation
        14. Array To List
        15. JSONArray Conversion
        16. Lock
        17. JSONObject Creation
        18. Number Test
      1. Customer Management
        1. Messages
        2. Scheduled Process
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          2. Organization
          1. Project Definition
          2. Versions
          3. New Version
          4. Version Management Log
          5. Access Rights
          6. Collections
          7. Versioned Files
          8. Files
          9. Description
            1. Report Widget
            2. List Widget
            3. JavaScript Widget
            4. History Widget
            5. RadioButton Widget
            6. FileUpload Widget
            7. StaticText Widget
            8. HTML Editor Widget
            9. ProgressBar Widget
            10. Section Widget
            11. Spinner Widget
            12. Image Widget
            13. Multi Checkbox Widget
            14. Tab Widget
            15. Tree Widget
            16. HTML Widget
            17. Checkbox Widget
            18. Button Widget
            19. Custom Widget
            20. URLInput Widget
            21. TextInput Widget
            22. Array Widget
            23. Captcha Widget
            24. Geolocation Widget
          1. Implementation
          2. Design
          3. Collections
          4. Stylesheet
          5. JavaScript
          6. API Listener
          7. Google Analytics
          1. Process Design
            1. Gate
            2. Process Step Output Variables
              1. Process Task Functional Tab
              2. Process Task Connector Tab
              3. Process Task Script Tab
              4. Process Task Loop Tab
              5. Process Task SubProcess Tab
              6. Process Task Manual Tab
              7. Process Task Email Tab
            3. Process Step Input Variables
            4. Process Step Testing Variables
              1. Process Intermediary Event
              2. Process Start Event
              3. Process Timer Event
          2. General
          3. Input
          4. Variables
          5. Measures
          1. Connectors
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        3. Usage
      1. Mobile
      2. Offline
      1. Collections BackOffice
      2. Collections To List
      3. Collections To Array
      4. Collection JS Freemarker
      1. Access Rights
      2. Delegation
      3. Compound Organization Hierarchy
      4. Dynamic Lanes
      5. Scripted Lanes
      6. Runtime Lanes

    Web Interfaces/Implementation Tab

    Allows you to define general characteristics of your web interface

    In a web interface, you can define one web page to launch a process and several web pages to be used within different manual tasks : a web page is called Screen within RunMyProcess Designer tool

    Main button bar

    save Save
    Save your current web interface

    save_as Save as
    Duplicate your web interface

    undo Undo
    Revert to your last revision of web interface

    feed RSS Feed
    Display corresponding RSS feed of your web interface

    link Copy url of the web interface (to add it to your favorite or to use it within your web site).

    html_code Display html code to integrate your RunMyProcess web interface in your web site thanks to an iframe.

    pill_go Variable
    Allow you to display and filter widget according to its variable name within your web interface or custom widget used by your web interface.

    clock Revision
    Savings' revision of your web interface

    package_link Attach/detach a web interface
    Allows you to attach/detach your web interface to/from a project

    package_unlink Attach a web interface
    Allows you to attach your web interface to a project

    info This icon only appears if your web interface does not belong to a project. If your web interface does not belong to a project, you won't be able to save it.

    package_go Open project
    Open the current project that the web interface belongs to

    Open in test mode

    Open web interface in a new browser's tab. Preview function is currently only working for web page to launch a process

    info When your web interface is opened in test mode, a js and css tester is now included by default in a top section

    Open launched process

    Open process definition launched by your web interface

    info A web interface can only launch one process

    info Web interface access rights are defined in project Access rights Tab.

    Implementation Tab


    Name of the web interface. Once save a web interface is available in Desktop/My applications according to Access rights of the project this web interface belongs to.


    Description of the web interface.


    Select the type of web interface.

    • appli.png Launchable web interface: you want to design with RunMyProcess designer tool your web interface to launch a process and your web interface to be displayed to a user within manual tasks of a process,
    • form.png Process forms only: you only want to design with RunMyProcess designer tool web interface to be displayed to a user within manual tasks of a process. This web interface won't contain a screen to launch a process.
    • plugin.png Custom widget: you only want to design a widget that can be re-used among other RunMyProcess web interface (see Custom Widget).

    info This type of applications won't be available in "Desktop/My applications" : they can't be run in a standalone mode.

    info_1 In your Javascript code, so as to be sure to use local widget of your custom widget instead of widget of the web interface using your custom widget, you must add "RMP_this" suffix :


    Moreover in your Javascript code, so as to be sure to use local variables of your custom widget instead of variables of the web interface using your custom widget, you must add "RMP_this.variable" suffix :


    For variables, write :



    Allows you to assign an icon to your custom widget when used in another web interface . Icon image must have been downloaded on RunMyProcess server (see Desktop/Files).

    Publish to the homepage

    Allows you to choose if the web interface is an entry point of your applications and in which environment. More precisely, if checked and if the web interface is in a production version, it will appear in the My Applications list of the allowed users. This list is also used in the default Homepage.

    Lastly "Publish to the homepage" can be used to distinguish Web applications from Mobile or Tablet applications, by making them appear on the homepage depending on the environment it is accessed from.

    Dynamic Name

    Using variables in this field can make the title of the web interface dynamic. The name of the web interface will then be computed at run time for each web interface launched (see Web interface reports).

    info_2 Like dynamic label for launched process, you can use any variables that are available in your web interface launching screen : Order for ${name}

    Text direction

    Choose "Left to right" or "Right to left" according to your language.


    Choose "Private" if you want to authenticate the user who is opening your web interface and launching the process (with his RunMyProcess login/password or with Google Open Id or thanks to your SSO). Choose "Public" if you want your web interface to be public : process launched by this public web interface must be also public (see General Tab of a designed process).

    info_3 A public web interface must use a Captcha widget.

    info_4 If you want to design your own web interface (with your own designer tool) but you want them to be hosted by RunMyProcess, just use HTML widget in our designer tools and copy your code in it.

    Display the Header

    Allows you to configure the header and the menu bar of a Web Interface.


    Allows you to specify a favicon for your web interface

    Allow observer comment

    When checked, the observers (see access rights) of the instances will be allowed to add comments (see comment widget).


    Allows you to specify a thumbnail (small image) for your web interface. This image will be displayed in the default Homepage. You can either upload a new picture or use the predefined images (see categorized lists below).

    General apps
    RMP apps
    Human resources
    Stock management
    Url of the imagePreview
    Url of the imagePreview
    Url of the imagePreview
    Url of the imagePreview
    Url of the imagePreview
    Url of the imagePreview
    Url of the imagePreview
    Url of the imagePreview


    Allows you to specify the web interface tag that will be used as the section in the default Homepage. This is only useful if at least one "Publish to the homepage" option is checked. Just write the tag name and click Add. You can add multiple tags to include the web interface in different sections of the Homepage.


    Allows you visualize the web interface's engine version and upgrade it to the latest engine version.