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DigitalSuite Studio Reports


Reports is the DigitalSuite Studio module for producing both process reports and web interface reports.

Process reports show a list of process instances that meet the report's criteria. A user can drill down on a process instance to view a visual representation of the execution in the console. The path taken by the process instance is shown, along with any errors that occurred during execution. For more information, refer to Process Console.

A web interface report displays a list of launched web interfaces that meet the report's criteria. A launched web interface is a web interface that has been used to launch a process, or within manual tasks of a launched process.

The Reports module allows you to create new reports, as well as manage existing reports. You can specify the criteria for inclusion in report results and customize the columns to be displayed.

The Reports module, like all the DigitalSuite Studio modules, has in-built, toggleable on-screen help that ensures that assistance is instantly available at the point of need.