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Reusing Project Resources

Project resources form the building blocks of your applications. To make application development faster and more flexible, DigitalSuite Studio provides features for reusing existing resources across projects.

A project resource is always created for a specific project. DigitalSuite Studio allows you to detach a resource from its project and move it to another one as well as duplicate resources within a project or independent of any project.

Detaching Project Resources

You can detach a project resource from the project for which it was created. You can detach all types of resource from their project, except for collections. In order to reuse collection data, you can export and import the corresponding collections.

Connectors are automatically detached from a project with their provider. A connector cannot be detached separately.

A detached resource can be accessed by any user of your customer account. If you do not want a resource to be accessible by any user of your account, do not use the Detach but the Move option to move it directly from one project to another.

Moving Project Resources

You can move a project resource directly from one project to another, or you can move a detached resource to a specific project. A resource attached to a project is automatically detached from it and attached to the new project.

You can move any type of resource, except for collections. Connectors are automatically moved with their provider.

Duplicating Project Resources

For creating a copy of a resource, you can duplicate it. A suffix denoting the copy is appended to the name of the duplicate.

If the duplicated resource belongs to a project, the copy is attached to the same project and can be edited immediately. The duplicate of a detached resource is not assigned to any project. You have to move it to a project before you can edit it.

You can duplicate any type of resource, except for collections, custom lists, and providers. A duplicated connector belongs to the same provider as the original one.