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Getting Started with DigitalSuite Studio

DigitalSuite Studio is the powerful low-code development, management, and monitoring environment of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite. It includes all the tools and modules required to:

  • Manage accounts, organizations, users, and roles.
  • Set up projects and model and implement processes, interfaces, and reports.
  • Integrate systems and devices by means of connectors.
  • Monitor operation including usage, schedules, and logs.

DigitalSuite Studio replaces the Advanced IDE of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, providing an improved user experience through a modernized interface based on state-of-the-art web technologies. Click here to read more about the transformation from the Advanced IDE to DigitalSuite Studio.

Starting Up

After logging in to RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, you can access individual modules of DigitalSuite Studio from the corresponding tools of the Advanced IDE. Then, you can navigate to other modules using the navigation tool that is available from each screen.

To navigate your way around DigitalSuite Studio, each module provides a navigation icon in the top, left-hand corner:


Clicking on this icon activates the navigation tool:

Navigation Wheel

The available modules are arranged on the outer circle of the navigation tool, categorized into Manage, Build, Monitor, and Import. To open a module, just click on it.

Clicking on the inner circle displays the modules in a traditional menu format.

On-Screen Help

Each module of DigitalSuite Studio comes with in-built help, meaning that help is available at the point where it is needed. As a result, separate documentation has been kept to a minimum.

To enable or disable the on-screen help, click on the question mark icon that can be found at the top, right corner of each DigitalSuite Studio module.