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Legal terms

Akorbi Digital RMP makes its best efforts to provide you with the most accurate and updated version of its User Guide. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that this version may not be completely up to date, because of the most recent evolutions of our source code, including potential new functionalities that may not be perfectly documented. In case you have any question, or if you identify any inconsistency, please contact us and we will provide you for free with a corrected and updated version of this document.

This document is protected by intellectual property rights (copyright) owned by Akorbi Digital RMP. As a legitimate user of our software, you have the right to read and use this document only for your professional activity, in accordance with the license granted to your company for the software of RunMyProcess. Any copy / modificarion / transfer / sell / access or use by any third party of all or part of this document is strictly prohibited. Non compliance of those terms and conditions may be subject to criminal prosecutions.