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Upgrading the Web Interface Engine

The rendering of web interfaces in end-user applications is based on the Web Interface Engine. Depending on the engine version that is assigned to a web interface, the rendering can be different.

RunMyProcess provides periodic updates for the engine. While it is possible to continue to use a previous version, you may wish to upgrade to a newer version at some point in time - this may be to take advantage of new features or for performance improvements.

Before assigning a newer engine version to a web interface, you have to carefully check all changes between the old and the new engine version since they may have an effect on the web interface rendering. You need to ensure that the web interface is fully compatible with the engine you assign and that there are no unwanted side effects. Upgrading the engine version for a web interface that is used in production must therefore be handled with utmost attention.

A new web interface has automatically the latest engine version assigned. If you copy a web interface, the copy also uses the latest version which could be different from the one used by the original.

The engine that is used by a web interface is displayed in the WebModeler of DigitalSuite Studio. For this purpose, open the required web interface in the WebModeler, open the Settings pane, and go to Settings > Advanced > Web Interface Engine. This is where you can also upgrade to the latest engine version.

For details on enhancements and changes that have been introduced with Web Interface Engine releases, refer to the Features section in Web Interface Engine Upgrade.