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Operator Guide

Operators are the DigitalSuite users who ensure that end-user applications developed with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite run as expected.

The tasks of an operator comprise the following:

  • Monitoring the application and platform health as end users work with the applications, including, for example, features for monitoring and debugging the execution of processes and composite APIs.
  • Responding to application problems as they arise.

DigitalSuite offers various monitoring and logging features which support the operator in solving problems but also in proactively monitoring application and platform events. The operator is also responsible for upgrading the WebModeler engine.

This document guides you through the main tasks of an operator. It is assumed that an operator has profound knowledge of DigitalSuite and its concepts.

Learn more about:

Processes: Monitoring and Debugging the Execution State of Process Requests
Composite APIs: Monitoring and Debugging Composite APIs Instances
Emails: Monitoring the Processing of Emails
Schedules: Monitoring the Execution of Schedules
Web Interface Engine: Upgrading the Engine
Platform Activities: Monitoring DigitalSuite Platform Activities
Platform Status: Monitoring the Platform Status

Check the DigitalSuite Support Options in case of technical questions or problems that cannot be solved with the information in this guide.