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Process Request Status

Process requests always have a specific status, which can be one of the following:

Status ID Name on Server Name in DS Studio Description
0 NONE Not started The request is in a queue for processing, but has not started yet.
100 READY Ready The first process step is being processed but the request has not started yet.
101 ACTIVE Running The request is being executed.
102 WAITING Waiting The request is waiting for an external action such as the completion of a manual task or a subprocess.
103 WAITING_RESUME Paused The request is paused and waiting to be resumed.
201 COMPLETED Completed The request has been completed without error.
301 ABORTED Aborted The request has been aborted.
302 KILLED Killed The request has been killed.
400 CANCELLED Cancelled The request has been cancelled by a user.
401 OUTDATED Outdated The request has ended because it has timed out.