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How to design a connector

On RunMyProcess design platform you can create connectors, plug them to a process, and run the process to execute them.

You can also perform unit testing on a connector, simulating input parameters. In that case, when you click on 'TEST connector', you ask RunMyProcess server to execute the connector, then give you the result. We exposed that mechanism as Webservice.


Let's take an example of provider and connector:





This connector will perform a call to a Google Spreadsheet, using 2-legged OAuth authentication (see Provider Authentication Scheme) and retrieve all the rows. The output format will be an xml.

This connector asks for 2 input parameters : spreadsheet_id and worksheet_id

To unit test the connector on RunMyProcess, we can click on 'Launch Test' to open test console:


By entering values for input params and hitting 'Launch Test' button, we perform the connector execution.

There are 2 outputs from a RunMyProcess connector:

  • The Raw ouput in 'Result' tab (in our exemple it's XML format):


The Processed ouput in 'Processed result' tab: