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Google Apps Mail

Configuration of your Gmail provider

You can use a Gmail account to send emails from a process by configuring the corresponding email provider.

To do so, create a new provider with the following configuration

Url : "smtps://smtp.gmail.com:465/"  
Authentication scheme : "Plain with TLS (SSL)"  
Login : your google login like "internal@mycompany.com" 
Password : your google password

We recommend that you keep all your emails providers in the same project (for example the Email provider project where the temporary mail server is already stored). By doing so you will be able to

  • reuse an email provider configuration simply whithout having to search through all your account
  • modify only one provider if your email service configuration is modified (e.g : password reset)



Email task fails with an error message that asks you to login with a browser

This is caused by Google server being suspicious of the SMTP request sent by the RunMyProcess platform.
You need to somehow tell Google that you approve of RunMyProcess platform to send SMTP requests to your Gmail account.
This can be done by :

  1. Login to your Google account from your browser : it should show message that a suspicious activity was detected. Then, click on the option that you initiated the activity.
  2. If the above doesn't work :
    1. Login to your Google account.
    2. Open the following URL https://accounts.google.com/b/0/DisplayUnlockCaptcha within the same browser : this will tell Google to accept incoming connections for the following 10 minutes.
    3. Within those 10 minutes, execute the RunMyProcess process with the email activity again in order to send an SMTP request from the RunMyProcess platform.
    4. From now on, your Google account should accept SMTP requests from RunMyProcess. This operation doesn't have to be repeated.