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Google Authentication

You can sign in on RunMyProcess using GoogleApps as your identity provider by using the OAuth2 protocol.

OAuth2 Google Apps Single Sign-On

OAuth2 is a protocol that has been developed primarily to allow data sharing between two web applications but is also regularly used for SSO. Google Apps provides it for both purposes but this page discussion will focus on its SSO feature.

The goal of this SSO is to allow end users to securely sign in to third party web sites using their Google Apps user credentials. As a result users do not have to set up separate login accounts for different web sites--and conversely, frees web site developers from the task of managing login information and security measures.

Unlike Google Apps previous Single Sign On protocol - OpenID - OAuth2 can manage multidomain Google Apps account.

Log in on RunMyProcess using Google Apps OAuth2

Log in from the RunMyProcess login page

The first simple way to log in on RunMyProcess using your GoogleApps credentials is just to click on the Sign in Using Google Apps button on the login page


This will launch the OAuth2 authentication flow. If you are authenticated as a Google Apps user on your browser, you will be authenticated directly as the corresponding RunMyProcess user. If you are not authenticated on Google Apps you will be redirected to the login page of Google Apps. Identifying yourself will redirect you to RunMyProcess and log you as the corresponding RunMyProcess user. The first time you'll launch this flow you will be asked to share some information, namely your name and email.


Accepting sharing your email and name will enable RunMyProcess to retrieve from Google Apps (a trusted identity provider) your email and therefore your RunMyProcess login.

RunMyProcess Google Apps Marketplace application

A Google Apps administrator can accept the sharing between GoogleApps and RunMyProcess for all users on a Google Apps account by installing RunMyProcess on the Google Apps marketplace v2.

This installation will also add in the Google Apps Menu a direct link to the RunMyProcess platform (https://portal.runmyprocess.com) and launch the OAuth2 authentication.

Log in directly from a RunMyProcess Web interface

You can configure your account to launch the OAuth2 authentication flow when an end user access to a RunMyProcess application. To do so configure the Authentication Policy in your Customer configuration by chosing Google OAuth2 as the authentication method.

Configuring the authentication policy, will launch the OAuth2 authentication flow whenever a unauthenticated user (from the RunMyProcess point of view) tries to access a web interface url


Log in from the login page using an authentication policy

If you have configured your account with the Google OAuth2 authentication method you can also launch the OAuth2 authentication flow by accessing the following URL


with customer_id the id of your account

Log in from any RunMyProcess URL

Last but not least, you can also launch the Google Apps Authentication Flow from any RunMyProcess URL by adding the following prefix


or even


For example


will launch the authentication flow even if your account has not configured a Google-based authentication policy