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Versioning Process Requests and Web Interface Instances

RunMyProcess allows you to explicitly upgrade the version of running process requests and Web interface instances. The migration is performed instantly when it is requested, it does not wait for the process to be continued. Upgrading instances from one version to the next does not change the execution mode in which the instances are running.

When you upgrade instances, you must carefully check which changes have been made to the application. For assessing whether the changes to the predecessor version are minor or major, refer to a classication of changes in the Deployment Guide.

Note that there may be instances running in different execution modes when you perform an upgrade operation. You are prompted to decide which instances you want to upgrade: those running in Live, Acceptance, or Test. If required, repeat the upgrade operation for the instances in all execution modes.

How to version process requests and Web interface instances:

  1. In the IDE, go to the Versions tab of your project. It lists all existing versions. For details on the Versions tab, refer to the Advanced IDE Guide.
  2. Select the version for which to upgrade instances to a new version.
  3. Click Upgrade to.
  4. Confirm the instances upgrade. Decide whether to upgrade instances running in Live, Acceptance, or Test mode and select the version to which to upgrade the instances.
  5. If required, repeat the upgrade operation for instances running in a different mode.


Creating and Updating Versions

Tracking the Version History