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In RunMyProcess, the project organizes all resources related to an application. It is the starting point for building applications and groups resources of the following types:

  • Web interfaces
  • Processes
  • Composite APIs
  • Connectors
  • Custom lists
  • Collections
  • Web interface reports
  • Process reports
  • Subprojects

Working on a project includes the following main tasks:

  • Defining the resources required to build the application.
  • Defining the access rights for users.
  • Launching the project in different execution modes.
  • Managing versions of the project.

For details on working on a project, refer to the Advanced IDE Guide.

Projects, Versions, and Execution Modes

A version allows you to 'freeze' a project so that you can deploy, manage, and rollback deployed applications based on a specific set of project resources. For a version, you select which resources are to be included. Each time a resource of a project is saved, a so-called revision of the resource is created. When creating a version, you can decide which revision of a resource you want to include.

RunMyProcess offers three isolated environments for deploying versions and running the deployed applications. An application's execution mode denotes the environment in which the appliation runs: Test, Acceptance, or Live.

Projects, Versions and Execution Modes


Execution Modes

Access Rights