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Managing Users

As an administrator, you are responsible for managing the users of your account. Your basic user management tasks include:

  • Registering users for your account
  • Configuring user settings, for example, the user profile, metadata, or task delegations
  • Resetting user passwords
  • Deactivating or activating users
  • Deleting users

For detailed conceptual information on user accounts and their configuration, refer to Users. For information on configuring user access to DigitalSuite, refer to the section below.

You can use the User Management module of DigitalSuite Studio for the tasks listed above. As a user with an Administrator profile, you have access to all features provided by the module.

To speed up your administrative work, you can:

  • Carry out tasks for a selection of several users. You can edit their account data, reset their passwords, activate or deactivate them, or delete them.

  • Export/import user data to/from external systems.

  • Carry out bulk updates and mass actions for a large number of existing user accounts:

    The Bulk Update feature allows you to manage user settings for a large number of users simultaneously. You compile a list of users with the required updates in an external file. Then you import the file to apply the changes to the user accounts in DigitalSuite in a single operation.
    The Mass Actions feature also allows you to prepare a list of users in an external file. For each user, you can specify different administrative operations to be carried out, such as password reset or delete user. When you import the file, the operations are executed in DigitalSuite.

    Note: You cannot create new users with the Bulk Update or Mass Actions feature.

In addition, you can remove blacklisted email addresses from the Email Blacklist. If sending to an email address results in too many bounces, the address is added to a blacklist for a period of time that depends on the reason. To provide for an instant delivery, you can remove an email address from the blacklist before it will be removed automatically.

Configuring User Access to DigitalSuite

For access control, DigitalSuite uses profile-based access mechanisms and restrictions defined at user level. When registering users for your customer account, you decide whether to assign an Administrator or a User profile. With an Administrator profile, users have full access to all items of your customer account. With a User profile, they can only access specific items, for example, a selection of their settings and project resources to which they have been granted access.

You can also set restrictions for users. You can withdraw a user's right to access DigitalSuite Studio, view other users, or view metadata values.

Access to DigitalSuite Studio depends on a user's profile and the access restrictions. Additionally, it depends on the roles and access rights set for standard portal applications if a corresponding setting in the Account Configuration module in DigitalSuite Studio is enabled for your customer account. Find the setting in the Access Rights section on the Account tab in the Account Configuration module. If enabled, users who need access to DigitalSuite Studio need a role with User access rights for specific standard portal application projects. For details, refer to Access to DigitalSuite Studio.