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This guide is an introduction to RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, its features, components, and usage.

What is RunMyProcess DigitalSuite?

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite is a high productivity cloud platform for fast and secure enterprise system integration and universal process automation. It empowers organizations of any size and in any industry to build and run scalable enterprise business and workflow solutions and safely and seamlessly transform their business operations by connecting people, systems, and devices.

Integrate. Automate. Co-Create.

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite is the basis for end-to-end solutions tailored to customer needs. It enables organizations to:

Integrate - the complete digital supply chain by connecting digital processes, systems, and devices with each other and with the people who use them, independent of their location. A comprehensive library of pre-built connectors is available to link on-premise systems like SAP and Oracle, cloud applications like Salesfores or Office 365, or enterprise directories like LDAP and Active Directory. Advanced API management capabilities allow for the quick development of additional connectors and the integration of almost any digital service or system as well as IoT edge technology.

Automate - processes and workflows across the enterprise and beyond. With user-friendly tools, drag & drop design, and low-code development, users can compile automated workflows of any complexity, including parallel processing, for every business area. They can manage the workflows and interact with them from any device and location. Secure connections, end-to-end encryption, role-based access control, and other security mechanisms ensure that the data and communication is safe at any time and in any place.

Co-create - new business models and enterprise solutions that revolutionize change and transform business. Intuitive interfaces and ecosystem capabilities enable all stakeholders to participate in the innovation process and share their expertise, resources, and assets. With APIs that wrap existing systems, implement business logic, or orchestrate people, systems, and devices, users can create sustainable applications and value chains and connect them to new digital worlds.

Build. Deploy. Run.

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite provides a unique and secure environment for managing the entire lifecycle of digital applications and solutions, from design and development to deployment and operation.

Build - RunMyProcess DigitalSuite includes a powerful low-code development environment for designing and implementing applications:

  • Drag-and-drop editors, coupled with an extensive and extendable library of widgets, allow for modelling processes and business logic of any complexity, responsive and device-independent user interfaces, and reports.
  • Properties and configuration settings serve to customize and control the behavior of the interfaces.
  • Scripting with FreeMarker and JavaScript as well as HTML and CSS support empower users to cope with the most demanding requirements.
  • Pre-built and custom connectors, as well as API management functions, facilitate the integration of systems and resources of any kind and origin into the applications.
  • Data collections can be created dynamically and allow for the storage and retrieval of objects in their native format from any asset of an application.
  • Integrated code snippets, process models, and application templates developed by RunMyProcess DigitalSuite experts can be re-used and adapted to accelerate the implementation and delivery of new solutions.

Deploy - RunMyProcess DigitalSuite provides for one-click deployment of applications and processes:

  • Automatic packaging, dependency management, and configuration eliminate hand-offs and operational tasks.
  • Different environments for test, acceptance, and production, together with sophisticated version management, facilitate the rapid and iterative delivery of changes without interrupting operation.
  • Debugging and execution monitoring capabilities support the identification and analysis of potential problems when moving from one environment to another and scaling usage.
  • An out of the box Enterprise Process Store, that is unique and customizable for each organization, provides for a single, device independent location for users to find and use the applications they need.

Run - RunMyProcess DigitalSuite ensures the secure, reliable, and scalable operation of applications of any size in the cloud:

  • As a platform as a service, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite eliminates the costs and efforts to manage low-level code, technology, and infrastructure.
  • Multiple availability zones, stateless architecture, and high levels of redundancy ensure 24/7 operation, irrespective of the location of users, spikes in demand, or necessary upgrades.
  • Secure access to the platform and the applications deployed on it is possible from desktop and mobile devices.
  • By means of real-time status information and notifications, users can monitor their applications and tasks as well as immediately identify failed or stalled processes and restart them with existing or updated data.
  • Out-of-the-box reporting capabilities and the possibility to integrate analytics services such as Google Analytics allow for tracking important KPIs and creating business reports for any purpose to enable better decision making.

Secure. Protect. Trust.

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite delivers the cost and scalability benefits of a shared cloud utility fused with the security and performance benefits of a dedicated environment. From the start, it has been built with security at its core - from secure data centers and widespread use of encryption to data segregation and secure enterprise mobility.

Secure - RunMyProcess DigitalSuite and the applications running on it are hosted in highly secure data centers around the globe operated by Amazon Web Services. Customer data is not duplicated or stored in these data centers, but only retrieved at run-time and retained as long as required for processing in workflows and applications. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite provides for secure access to data in a variety of on-premise customer systems, ranging from file systems to relational databases and SAP. All communication, from web and mobile apps to cloud and internal systems, is secured using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. Data at rest in the data centers - such as configuration or process data - is encrypted with customer-specific, asymmetric keys. The connection and login processes are designed to withstand brute force attacks.

Protect - RunMyProcess DigitalSuite is a multi-tenant platform built from the ground to keep each customer's data private within a shared technical and operational environment. All access is authenticated and authorized, so that customers cannot get hold of resources that do not belong to them. Multiple authentication schemes are supported, including the use of existing enterprise directories such as LDAP or Active Directory with SAML and OAuth2 for single sign-on. Customers can model organizational structures of any complexity to reflect the way their business works. They can create roles and assign access rights as required to enable highly granular control over access to all platform, application, process, and task resources.

Trust - Based in the EU, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite operates under a world leading data protection regime to foster trust and ensure that customers benefit from the highest security standards. Customers retain the sole responsibility and ownership for any data they process using RunMyProcess DigitalSuite. Only a strictly limited subset of RunMyProcess support personnel have the ability to access the production servers and log files. New releases and fixes are applied to the platform in a continuous way, security and vulnerability issues being addressed with the highest priority. Well established resource distribution, redundancy, and disaster recovery mechanisms enable non-stop operation and business continuity for customers, even during updates of the platform.

Components of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite consists of the following main components:

The server and execution platform is the basis for building, deploying, and running applications and solutions in the cloud. Tools and services are available for all customer purposes, from design and development to deployment and operation:

  • DigitalSuite Studio is the powerful low-code development, management, and monitoring environment of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite. It includes all the tools required to: manage accounts, organizations, users, and roles; set up projects and model and implement processes, interfaces, and reports; integrate systems and devices by means of connectors; monitor operation including usage, schedules, and logs.
  • DigitalSuite EnterpriseConnect is a set of orchestrated components that enable secure access from the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite platform in the cloud to resources that are located on-premise on enterprise systems behind firewalls.
  • DigitalSuite RunMyApp is a mobile app for iOS and Android. It provides a container for applications created on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to run on mobile devices so that users can access them regardless of their location.
  • Standard Portal Applications are predefined RunMyProcess DigitalSuite applications that are copied to each new customer account when it is created. They include interfaces, documentation, utilities, templates, and examples.  

Users of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite is a multi-tenant platform built to keep its customers' data private within a shared environment. Each registered customer corresponds to a tenant and has a unique account. Customer accounts can be configured as required, for example, to use specific authentication methods or dedicated homepages for different devices.

Customers can register users to their account as needed. They can assign the users a standard User or Administrator profile, and define user metadata and preference settings of their choice in addition to the pre-configured ones.

For access control at project level, customers can define any number of roles and assign them to users as required. A role represents a set of responsibilities for a user and the access rights to take the corresponding actions. In order to reflect the structure of responsibilities, roles can be arranged in role hierarchies and grouped in organizations as needed by each customer and the individual projects.

Users can log in to RunMyProcess DigitalSuite from anywhere in the world and use desktop or mobile devices to work with the applications implemented on it. After a successful login, the users are forwarded to a web page specified in the customer account settings and have access to tools, applications, and assets as defined by their roles.