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DigitalSuite RunMyApp is a state-of-the-art mobile application based on the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite platform. It provides a container for DigitalSuite applications to run on mobile devices.

With RunMyApp, you can access DigitalSuite applications regardless of your location while staying connected to both on-premise and cloud systems. You can retrieve information and update records – all from your mobile device. You can continue working even in times and places without internet connection – the data is stored and processed as soon as a connection is established.

Phone Key features:
  • Personalized homepage with a central overview of all DigitalSuite applications
  • Unified management of tasks and requests
  • Optimized for offline work
  • Advanced user interaction with push notifications
  • Access to native functions such as camera, GPS, or barcode scanner
  • Full backend-as-a-service with sophisticated process and integration capabilities
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