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Standard Portal Applications

When a customer account is created in DigitalSuite, a number of applications are automatically copied to it. These applications are referred to as standard portal applications. They include DigitalSuite interfaces, documentation, utilities, templates, and examples.

The names of most of the projects defining the standard portal applications start with "RunMyProcess - ". This allows users to easily identify them in project lists.

Most of the standard portal applications must not be changed, which is indicated by "Do not modify" in their description. However, they can be executed, and access rights can be set for specific users. These access rights can also be applied to DigitalSuite Studio modules which correspond to standard portal applications. For details, read Access to DigitalSuite Studio.

Other standard portal applications can be used as the basis for a customer's own applications. The RunMyProcess - Homepage application, for example, can be adapted to serve as a custom homepage. For details, refer to Homepage Portal Application.

Read details of some standard portal applications here:

Logs Application
App Translator
Easy Builder