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Monitoring the Processing of Emails

Emails can be used to launch processes and composite APIs from anywhere. To achieve this, application developers define the start event of a process or composite API with a message trigger. Depending on the trigger's configuration, the information contained in the emails is automatically mapped to input variables of the process or composite API.

As an operator, you can use the Messages module of DigitalSuite Studio to monitor the processing of emails for triggering processes and composite APIs. The module shows the triggering emails sent to the email address of your account. Information is provided on the email content and the processing status. The following details are displayed for each email:

  • From: The address from which the email was sent.

  • To: The address to which the email was sent. This is the auto-generated email address, including the IDs of your account and the process/composite API to be launched.

  • Status: The processing status of the email:

    Downloaded - the email has been received but not yet launched the process/composite API.
    Processed - the email has successfully launched the process/composite API.
    Error - the email failed to launch the process/composite API.

  • Retrieved: The date the email was retrieved by DigitalSuite.

  • Last updated: The date the email was processed to trigger the process/composite API.

The Messages module allows you to open the email and display its details. If the processing status is Error, the error that occurred is appended to the end of the email. In addition, you can open the process request or composite API instance that was successfully launched by an email in the Process Console. This allows you to closely monitor the corresponding process request or composite API instance.